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C List and Proud

Worrying that BNP and UKIP sit at the top of the list.

Makes it very easy for somebody to vote 1 then 2 and never get to any of the main candidates.

Nu Con -

Perhaps they might vote BNP and UKIP because the other parties don't represent their views or concerns? That's called democracy.

David Walker

Winston McKenzie - he was after the Tory nomination a few months back! What a poor deluded soul. I suppose that's what makes democracy so fun...

West London Tory

UKIP probably wishes that Damian Hockney was its candidate rather than the amiable but dull Gerard Batten MEP. There are four anti-EU parties standing - BNP, UKIP, One London and New Britain! The sums up the state of right-wing politics in this country.

Nu Con -

And FIVE left wing parties, Lib Dem, Labour, Left List. Green and the New Conservatives

West London Tory

Sorry, the English Democrats is a fifth anti-EU party. It is amazing that the anti-Europeans are so split and divided!

Al Gunn

Not that amazing West London Tory. I'd suggest it's to do with matters of principle versus practicality.

We're in a situation where leaving the EU, or for that matter even securing the sort of moderate reforms that the Conservative party are calling for... or for that matter even bringing in a pro-EU constitution which ought to be much more straight forwards than it has proved to be, is simply not practicable or at least not easy. In practice, UKIP and any other party calling for withdrawal of the EU are simply not calling for something sensible since it is unachievable. This is not to attack the principle of EU withdrawal, mind (I sympathise with the principle).

What unifies politicians is practicalities. Holding together a 'broad church' requires a tapering of principle in the interests of the practicalities of at least going some way towards the principles you or your interest group espouse. When the practicality of achieving something ceases to be binding, inevitably any powerful coalition around that something will splinter.

And the analogy with the far left holds. Tearing down the capitalist machine (or whatever manifestation of a similarly principled position) is not, currently, viable. Therefore it cannot be a source of unity on the grounds of practicality. So we see it's manifestation in multiple weak groupings, unable to unite around common principles... for who, in principle, could or would sacrifice their principles even an iota for no practical gain?

Hence the mainsteam is the only place to swim... if you want to get somewhere rather than merely flex your water wings.

Keith Muir

what %age do the BNP need to win an assembly seat? Thanks

Gordon's Missing Bottle

I agree it's worrying that the BNP sit on top. I remember seeing an internet poll where all the choices were the same but several thousand people had cast votes anyway. The top choice had the most, the second top the second most, and so on. It was a quite perfect graduation and the differences between each place were quite significant.

I'm sure there will be people who vote BNP out of conviction and that's their right. But I would guess in such a large single electorate, there's going to be a rump of people who just go into the ballot box, the list makes their eyes glaze over, so they put a big tick in the first one and out they go. And that's fine too, except when the percentages are quite small and it overstates the BNP victory.

I'm not sure there's really a solution though. Sorting the candidates according to their parties' rank in the previous election maybe, but it gets much more complicated and potentially controversial than alphabetical order.


What happened to John Bird?

michael mcgough

I bet the list will be much smaller come next Fiday.


What, in policy terms, is the difference between New Britain and UKIP?

Conservative Homer

I wish i had this many choices for a general election!

West London Tory

I would put the New Britain Party to the right of UKIP but not as far right as the BNP. Mike Nattrass and Jeffrey Titford, both UKIP MEPs, were active members of the New Britain Party.

There are a significant number of Powellites in UKIP who have fought the leadership's plan to rebrand it as a libertarian party. That's why Chris Mounsey, aka Devil's Kitchen blogger, left to form the UK Libertarian Party. Perhaps the blue rinse geriatrics that make up most of UKIP's membership did not like his foul language.

Richard Patient

The BNP is also very close to Alan Craig. They are working very closely with him on one of his campaigns.


I don't know what you are referring to Richard. I am opposed to Christian political parties but I know Alan Craig and know he wouldn't want to be associated with anything racist. He is a good man who works very hard for the diverse community he lives in.

Jonathan Hoffman

Boris had terrific support today in Borough Market.

I fear, though, that Alan Craig might take votes from him. Why is Alan (who seems a good guy) standing?

No, to the best of my knowledge Alan Craig is NOT close to the BNP.

Please tell all who loathe the BNP to register NOW to stop them getting the 5% they need in the London-wide vote to get a seat on the Assembly. The more are on the electoral register and the more vote, the worse the BNP will do. EUROPEAN AND COMMONWEALTH CITIZENS CAN REGISTER AND VOTE IN THIS ELECTION - tell them, if you work with them or have contact with them.




Click here to see how to stop the BNP winning a seat


Seconded. Alan Craig is NOT repeat NOT a racist. I worry he might take votes from Boris.

Private Eye

Private Eye 21/3/08

AT CHRISTMAS, political commentators assumed Ken Livingstone was a shoo-in for mayor of London. As Easter comes, he is fighting to save his career. To understand why, you have to grasp tin- outrage on the left at his decision to turn his back, on liberal British Muslims and ally himself with ultrareactionary Islamists.

Livingstone and his coterie bullied insiders
who protested - but not into silence. Revulsion at his strange alliances lies behind the devastating leaks about public money going astray and sixfigure salaries going to members of Socialist Action, the tiny Trotskyist sect Livingstone
employs at public expense.

The most senior whistleblower is Atma Singh,
a member of Socialist Action and Livingstone's adviser in Asian affairs. In 2003, his comrades urged Livingstone to ally with the Arab Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-i-Islam! (feminists, gays, Jews and apostates need not apply).

Singh was stunned. He tried to stop Livingstone embracing Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood's chief theologian, who along with the usual attacks on women, apostates and the rest had said of the civilian victims of suicide bombings in Israel: "We cannot say that the casualties are innocent civilians. They are not civilians or innocent." Livingstone's staff arranged for the sheikh to visit London with the help of the Muslim Association of Britain, a small group whose leader declared: "As a Muslim, martyrdom is an integral part of Islamic theology." Singh confronted Redmond O'Neill, Livingstone's chief of staff, "I objected to Livingstone saying we must work with al-Qaradawi and others who were soft on suicide attacks on Israelis." Singh told the Eye.

"'I said that we had a good relationship with London's Jews and me Boaid of Deputies of British Jews worked with us in the National Assembly Against Racism. But O'Neill went on and on about the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He said they represented the 'Zionist lobby' and 'we must smash the Zionists'.

"Livingstone was more interested in the Muslim vote and thought that by pandering to al-Qaradawi he could get it. He began to say things he would never have said before, calling a Jewish reporter a concentration camp guard and telling Jewish businessmen to leave the country1."

As soon as Singh spoke out, Livingstone and his aides blackballed him. 'They took control of faith matters away from me. I was completely isolated."

In the end, Singh had a nervous breakdown
and resigned. But his departure did Livingstone no good. For the past two months, Singh has been, er, singing like a canary and telling the papers how Socialist Action appointees fundraised and campaigned for Livingstone when they were meant to be neutral civil servants.

Vincent McKenzie

When people say "stop the BNP getting in", what do they mean? The only way the BNP will get anywhere is if people vote for them. So are you saying stop the people from voting who they want to vote for? Guess you are all in for a wapping big suprise, because thats the exact attitude that makes people vote BNP.

Jack Stone

It doesn`t worry me at all UKIP and the BNP being top of the list.The former are made up of a collection of eccentric fools and the other is code for evil.I am not sure the party should want people who would contemplate voting for either to vote for it.

Edward Keene

Where is Respect? Have they done a deal with Ken?

Tim Roll-Pickering

Edward: This is convoluted because "RESPECT" have followed in the tradition of extreme left organisations and bitterly split, with the name and organisation separating.

One faction, known as "RESPECT Renewal" centred on George Galloway has opted to support Ken Livingstone for Mayor but will be running for Assembly seats. The name "RESPECT" is currently controlled by this faction, as the Electoral Commission have confirmed.

The other faction, using the description "Left List", is focused on the Socialist Workers Party. I understand they have a lot of the "RESPECT" aparatus but crucially lack the name. For what it's worth, Lindsey German was the "RESPECT" candidate back in the 2004 Mayoral election (as well as the "RESPECT" candidate here in West Ham at the last general election).

No doubt in traditional form the only people "RESPECT" hate more than Labour/Conservatives/Bush are each other!

Peter Coe

Err, there are NO candidates for Mayor yet.

Given that Mayoral candidates have to get ten signatures from each London borough I'd be a little surprised to see 14 candidates make it: especially some of the independents.


No doubt in traditional form the only people "RESPECT" hate more than Labour/Conservatives/Bush are each other!

Yes indeed in true Life of Brian style that is true......

"Judean Peoples Front? Pah, we are the Peoples' Front of Judea.......Listen. The only people we hate more than the Romans are the fucking Judean People's Front."

Sadly nothing much has changed for the British Left since that film came out 30 years ago :(

Tim Roll-Pickering

It brings new meaning to the term "comm-edy". ;-)

Gospel of Enoch

"It's amazing that the anti-europeans are so split and divided", West London Tory? Why is it that the "we want 75% of our laws made in Brussels/ Strasbourg" camp - Tory, Dim-Lib and Labour are so split and divided?

Go Boris

'Fridah' wrote this about Boris (on CIF):

He's a gifted writer and intellectually in a different league from Livingstone. I'm not at all sure Ken would be capable of reading The Dream of Rome, let alone writing it.

Johnson's a classicist, historian, novelist. His last published work is a book of verse which he also illustrated. On top of that he edited The Spectator for five years and became an MP. He's already a far more accomplished figure than perennial rabble rouser Ken Livingstone. If there's a philistine in the house, that is a utilitarian with no feeling for art, beauty, spiritual values, intellectual content, it's Livingstone not Johnson.

Observer Praise for 'The Dream of Rome': 'I read it in two sittings, completely gripped. If Ruth Kelly has an ounce of sense, she will make this book compulsory reading for every 16-year old in the country.' Toby Young, New Statesman 'History comes alive only when written from the heart and Johnson's is full of swashbuckling japes, bloodthirsty yells and energetic sideswipes.' 'Written with all the wit and zest that have helped to make him Britain's favourite celebrity MP.' Tom Holland, Daily Telegraph 'Johnson has not been intimidated by dry classics masters: his style is bright, breezy, populist and pacy.' The Times 'Described with his special combination of sharp-eyed intelligence and golly-gosh exclamation!a splendid romp through the Roman world.' Sunday Telegraph 'Lovers of Latin and ancient history unite! At long last there is a warm, funny, erudite introduction to the Roman empire!a marvellous reader-friendly account of Rome.' Independent Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday Praise for Boris Johnson and 'Friends, Voters, Countrymen': 'Johnson has cracked the art of making politics invigorating.' Daily Telegraph 'Such an entertaining read.' Daily Mail 'It is very funny and has, in short, all the idiosyncracies of its author.' Jeremy Paxman

Go Boris

How many Ken-supporting trolls are here?

On the equivalent Labour Party site there are no Boris-supporting trolls.

Reason: Boris is way ahead and the massed ranks of the Livingstone PR/Press Empire are wetting themselves.

Gaston Hidalgo

Boris Jonhson is a regular bloke, with an optimistic and sharp viewpoint of life in general, without visible prejudices and generally sane about what other people think or feel, he is also talking to people.
Livingston has become dark, moody, involved in odd activities, totally oblivious of the incompetence of the public servants who surround him and generally pesimistic and fixed on more and more taxes; that, we cannot tolerate, the economy is bad enough, lets get rid of the London pests.


Who should be vote as our 2nd candidate? Mr McKenzie or the UKIP guy?

CCHQ sceptic

The quotes of Go Boris are very good. However, Jeffrey Archer's books also received rave reviews. William Hague said that he was a man of integrity. Those of us, mainly Norris supporters, who thought differently were told to shut up and be loyal. Then the excrement hit the proverbial fan. Deja vu?

Jonathan Hoffman


The 2nd preference of Boris voters is utterly irrelevant! - you might as well leave it blank.

Think about it: the electoral system is the 'supplementary vote' system, in other words, if no candidate gets 50%+ on the first round, all but the top two are eliminated and their 2nd preferences are given to the top two, where they have voted for one of the top two as their 2nd choice.

Boris will be one of the top two. The one with most votes (first prefs and 2nd prefs of the eliminated candidates) wins. So Boris' 2nd prefs will never even be counted.

The voting systems for the three ballot papers you will receive on May 1 are described here:



"Absolutely. We need very good people in place to help Boris."

LOL. Even the Shadow Cabinet doesn't think he's up to it.


Man on the Clapham BendyBus


Thank you.

Do you think that the number of trolls on this site and the absence of trolls on Labour Home reflect:

1) the mounting concern of the Livingstone camp that he might not be re-elected?

2) the growing confidence of the Boris camp that he will be elected?

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