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Phil Taylor


Livingstone's own election website, londonforken.co.uk, says "Ken achieved what no one else has done in two decades - to get the funding to go ahead with Crossrail". So your comment from Tony McNulty really made me laugh. "Not terribly helpful".

Please do tell where you found that. It needs to be publicised much more widely.

Tony Makara

I believe Mr Livingstone is now suffering from the law of diminishing popularity. Even the Labour party are starting to realise that Livingstone is not quite the pristine politician they believed him to be. Red Ken would be quite justified in looking at the comments above and saying "et tu comrades?"

Richard Tracey

I believe most Londoners ( who don't write in the media ) think it's time for a change. He will not survuve 1st May.

Richard Tracey

I believe most Londoners ( who don't write in the media ) think it's time for a change. He will not survuve 1st May.

Roger Evans

Meg Hillier was previously a London Assembly Member, where she was often critical of the Mayor. Livingstone responded in typical style, calling her 'Malignant Meg'.

Mr Angry

Anyone who has been involved in London Labour politics for a while knows the reality of Livingstone. He is even more appalling than the Standard make him out to be and is about as genuinely Labour as David Davis or George Galloway. Livingstone is politically dishonest and has spent his career misusing the Labour party to further his hard left agenda, as sucessful an example of trotskyite entryism as ever there was.


Yet Another Anon

I can't see Boris Johnson winning the London Mayoral election, obviously Ken Livingstone has lost his popularity, but Boris is not suited to either frontbench roles or something like being a Mayor, as a backbench MP and a journalist and chatshow\gameshow guest he's in his element but his capacity to shoot himself in the foot with both barrels especially when he seems to be doing well is always his undoing.

With the current system I would think it could well end up being between Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick and while Ken still has to be the favourite, it might be that Mr Paddick just beats him. Either way though I would imagine that this is the final years of Ken Livingstone's career and that he will not be the Labour candidate in 2012 and no Parliamentary constituency will want to select him then either - if he's still alive there will be nothing else for him to do but write his memoirs.

Fred Baker

We have to be positive about this. There are 14 other good Tory candidates in this election to back him up. Living Stone is a spent force "Dead Wood" in fact.
If Boris sticks to the policy and has competent advisors he and the rest of the candidates will do very well. I agree he needs to be more forceful not using words like “why don’t we” but “We will”.

Jane Harper

Livingstone has not performed on crime, or on congestion. Pity that all we have is that clown to go up against him.

Not Boris

Boris has gone quiet again!!

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