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Roger Evans

Some of the signage for this new initiative is located in surprising places. I've got an example over on my blog - and I'm looking for others...


"I've got an example over on my blog"

No you haven't. You've got an example of a sign on the boundary of the zone.

I'd give this one up now if I were thee.......


Sorry to gloat Roger, but I've just read your profile.

I am the Conservative member of the London Assembly elected for the Essex/East London seat of Havering & Redbridge, chairman of the Transport Committee at City Hall and Deputy Leader of the Conservative group.

Pwn'd :D

Christopher Mahon

Very well argued Phil. I totally agree.

Does anyone know if we can track NOx or particulate emmission in London versus other UK large cities (Birmingham or Glasgow) to see if London emissions will fall any faster?

I doubt they will...


It is just another case of a disguised Newt self publicity stunt ahead of the mayorals

Roger Evans

OK Comstock - you are right. The signs are in the right place, it's the boundary that is odd...


:D No problems Roger, thanks for conceding the point.

You've given this sad geeky map anorak a bit of pleasure in his life :D

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