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I have said this elsewhere but I feel it need be repeated.

I saw him on a PPB on TV this week. I did not listen to much of what he said as I was distracted by how unpresentable he was. He needs a hair cut, his suit was badly cut for his shape and he needs to lose a stone.

I thought ''That guy looks like he has just fallen out of an aeroplane''

Image counts.

He needs to sort it out.

Thanks for listening.

Tony Makara

Eugene, I disagree, it would be tragic to see a fake, manufactured Boris. Its great that we have a politician who is so original and human enough to have made mistakes in life. Such foibles give Boris a better understanding of life and the human condition. Let Boris be Boris and lets have some originality in politics for a change.

Mr Angry

The voters actually like Boris' dishevelled image, it works for him with moast people, not against him.

I am delighted to hear that he is at last making firm policy commitments of the sort that will appeal to Londoners, this is exactly what we need.

Oh and if anyone wants to talk about his marital unfaithfulness then let's just compare that with Livingstone's alleged assault upon his pregnant girlfriend then shall we.

Walter West

Boris' policies seem perfectly sensible.
The idea of binding arbitration in return for a no strike deal is certainly an interesting one that is deserving of further exploration.

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