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Malcolm Dunn

A totally lightweight debate where none of the candi8dates covered themselves in glory in my opinion. If I was Boris I would go easy on the jokes. This is meant to be a serious job,Boris should try to treat the campaign to get it seriously.
Isee Steve Richards has resorted to criticising the Evening Standard for it's atttempt to 'destroy' Livingstone. Corruption is bad when it come from a Conservative (Conway) but is perfectly acceptable when it comes from the left eh Steve?

Moral minority

"Domestic flights in this country are a crime, they are a sin."

Boris condemns businessmen who fly to and from Scotland or Ulster. It takes a day to travel to or from Aberdeen, Inverness or Belfast by train for a meeting. Boris is as big a clown as the hypocritical Tim Yeo who flies to play golf.

Arabella Buckingham

Am I the only Conservative to be concerned about Mr Johnsons policies.
I drive a top of the range 4x4, I fly to Scotland. I have worked hard to get where I am. I will spend my money as I choose. I do not want the state telling me how to live my life. Scrap this outrageous tax on 4x4. Please remember my choice to fly within the UK takes cars off the road and allows the general public more space on the overcrowded trains.
Being a Conservative is about choice! We need a choice agenda! I will spend my money as I wish, not as some politicians want me to!
Ride a bicycle if you wish, but I will fly.
I'm Conservative and proud!

John Moss

Ross Lydall of the Standard has an interesting comment on his blog at This Is London (sorry, I don't know how to insert links).

He is basically saying that Boris is the story.

This bodes well.

Shut up tory liars

Environmentaly marginal, wjat loadof rubbish. It is exactly the sort of measure needed to save this planet. The tories are all trousers and no balls on climate change. He is stopping gas guzzlers. It is the tories who want to turn this into a stupid class war battle to pretend it is not what he said.

Prosecute Labour crooks

There is no statute of limitations on criminal offences. When we get back to power, we should re-open the cash-for-honours and other cases and bring the Labour crooks to justice.

Stewart Geddes

"Domestic flights in this country are a crime, they are a sin

Rubbish Boris!

The reality is that a flight from London to Edinburgh costs anything from £40 return upwards depending on how far ahead you book.

You will be lucky get a Train journey for double that. Fine if you are spending your own money and can afford it.

If you are spending tax payers money, or if like me you haven't got a lot of spare cash then the economics of it make it a one way bet.

NO way

3:46 But the tories did cash for peeers to. So there is no way they would reopen the cases. Anyway I do not think Lord Ascroft got his peerage for being nice to the Cuban shipping trade.

Can Ken win, Yes we Ken

Ken has got another 100 grand to fight the boris man. He will win. Ken is the Obama of londo nd. Yes we can, Yes We Ken.


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