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Mike Thomas (215cu)

Whoever is advising Boris, give them a pay rise.

Some excellent ideas there.

Go Boris.


With Boris's record on crime, he cannot be trusted to take charge of policing in our capital...

Did he mention any facts at his press conference...?

For example, the fact that crime is DOWN in London, not UP as he pretends...?

Or the fact that crime in London has fallen in each of the past five years?

Did he say why the Tories cut police numbers on London's streets under the last Conservative Government...?

Did he mention the fact that the current Mayor and the Labour Government there are today an EXTRA 10,000 police officers and PCSOs in London?

You've had the Boris-speak, now see the facts:


James Burdett

fairdealphil - I'd like to know at what point you think Boris has been in charge of crime and policing to develop this record you refer to?

Tony Makara

Great stuff from Boris, the live CCTV link is a winner, and the support for rape crisis centres is a very positive move. The idea of monthly meetings to hold borough commanders is excellent. The thing that stands out about these policies is that they are interactive rather than the usual top-down directives.

Alex Swanson


"Facts" from Labour?

You're 'aving a laff.

Everybody knows - or at least everybody who isn't blinded by left-wing tribalism - that this govt's information on anything and especially crime are about as reliable as Soviet tractor production figures and for the same reasons.


Well said Alex. Perhaps the Met might care to show us comparatives for earlier period, not just 12 monhs, preferably 1997.



hope this link from the Indy helps answer your questions re crime in 1997...


you might also wish to research police numbers under the last Tory Home Secretary for yourself (you'll find there was a fall of over 1,000 police officers despite Michael Howard's promise to increase them!!).

Then compare them to the real increases in police numbers since 1997. These are real police officers cutting real crime.

The stats come from the 43 Police Forces, not from the Government.

I'm just reading the Review of Policing released last week by the distinguished former senior police officer Sir Ronnie Flanaghan GBE QPM.

He notes (on page 4 of his report):

'Over the last decade, policing in England and Wales has seen major increases in both funding and performance.

'In ten years central spending on policing has risen by nearly £5 billion (an increase of 39% in real terms).

'This extra funding has resulted in a 25% growth in the overall police workforce and a 10% increase in the number of police officers which now stands at around 140,000.

'These additional resources have undoubtedly contributed to a significant improvement in performance, with crime falling by a third since 1997 and public confidence in the police, which had been falling consistently since 1982, rising since 2003/4...'

Is Sir Ronnie lying, or is he too 'blinded by left wing tribalism' ?

London Tory

The political tide has turned against King Newt in recent weeks. I think it was Anne McElvoy who said she has yet to hear a senior Labour figure speak in support of him. He has been badly tarnished by the Lee Jasper affair, and Martin Bright's demolition job on Channel 4. He has brought nothing to London other than a huge extra swathe of the "Worthless Bureaucracy", all funded directly from my council tax. The tubes are beyond a joke, bendy buses are deadly to cyclists and virtually free to use, and the Congestion Charge has killed many many jobs while swallowing up over 50% of its revenue in operating costs.

King Newt has also used this great city to host unpleasant, illiberal individuals, Chavez being just one.

London deserves a Tory Major in May.

James Cleverly


The article that you have linked to, basically shows a very poor performance of the Labour government with relation to crime.

Here are the headline verdicts, comparing Labours performance in 2002 against that of the Conservatives in 1997.

Verdict: A problem.
Number of men fatally shot rose by 41 per cent last year

Verdict: Mixed
Violent crime was tumbling when Labour came to power. The British Crime Survey of 1998 shows that violent offending fell by 17 per cent between 1995 and 1997.
Position in 2002: Quarterly crime figures to last September show a 23 per cent increase

Verdict: A major failure.
The annual rise in gun crime was the fourth in succession and ministers are only just realising the havoc being caused by drug wars.

Verdict: Mixed.
The BCS shows that there has been a significant fall in the fear of burglary as public concerns have shifted towards being attacked on the streets.

Verdict: Still a major problem.
Robbery went up by 13 per cent in the year to last September

Verdict: Success.
The BCS recorded that public fears of vehicle-related theft were on the decline, even though people thought that crime as a whole was increasing.

Verdict: Largely successful.
Benefit, credit-card and cheque fraud are declining, although crowded prisons may mean fewer custodial sentences for white-collar crime

Verdict: Partial success.
Unadjusted figures released yesterday showed an 18.2 per cent increase in sex offences recorded in the year to last September

Verdict: Failure.
The Government has only recently identified the problem of a burgeoning crack cocaine trade and has confused public and police over its position on cannabis

Verdict: Jury out.
The Government has attempted to emulate New York's "zero-tolerance" approach. But the BCS shows that the public is so far unimpressed

Not exactly a glowing report card from 2002 is it?

Rachel Joyce

fairdealphil - I think James Cleverly has neatly answered your points.
We also know that many crimes have been taken out of crime stats, that the crime survey doesn't include murder and other serious offences, and that these days many people find it almost impossible to report a crime.
In contrast, we get the fire brigade union and NuLab govt collecting the same stats on attacks on firemen, the latter find an increase in attacks, but the government says they are going down. I know who I believe.

Doctrine of the Right

Is no tory afraid of a man like Boris perhaps having almost total executive power in the city of london? His choice of phrase can at times leave bad tastes in the mouth. Just wait until the press start digging deeper.

If he gets things wrong - it will reflect on the Tory party at large. Advantage labour.

Craig Barrett


It always amazes me that Labour's reaction to any kind of criticism is to attack. Anyone would think that you were still in opposition and unable to do anything about life in general.

Here's a thought - how about you spend your energies doing what you were elected to do rather than spending your life attacking anyone who dares to oppose you?

If Livingstone spent less of his time and less of our money finding fault with everyone else, London would be a better place in which to live.




Recovered "four CS and pepper spray cannisters and numerous batons"

Has it occured to Bozza and Basher that those four people carrying pepper sprays might have been otherwise entirely law-abiding people who wanted to protect themselves from street thugs. Will the aforementioned Basher make a commitment to repeal the CS/pepper spray ban (another Mrs. T folly?), as well as Labour's more recent baton ban, and thus remove a substantial source of ticks for the appropriate boxes?

Phil Taylor

fairdealphil is bending the truth. There have been some falls in some categories recently but the record under the Mayor is increasing crime followed by decreasing crime leaving us worse than we started, certainly with respect to violent crime. Where there have been actual falls over the Mayor's time in office it is in areas such car crime where improving technology has driven crime reduction rather than policework.

We have had extra officers but we are paying 3 times more precept for about 20% more officers (many of whom are relatively inexpensive PCSOs) so we have had a really bad bargain. The bargain is even worse than it looks because these guys are doing paperwork or going around in pairs unlike police forces outside London. Apparently London is safe enough for you and me to walk around on my own but our coppers need to go around in pairs.

The current Mayor has presided over the introduction of Safer Neighbourhood Teams. Good. Well done. The rest of the Met is totally untouched and unreformed. Boris is dead right to want to get amongst this and ensure that the Met's priorities are about making us safer not filling in paperwork and keeping themselves safe. The current Mayor has let the Met run itself for the last eight years and his achievements here are thin indeed.

Willesden Green

Lets see how much coverage this gets. Still think Boris needs an experienced press team.

I can't think of anybody who has tried to run without a serious media operator in their team before ???

Patsy Sergeant

fairdeal?phil - wouldn't you like to do the Lambeth Walk to your headquarters, for some soothing ant-acid beverage?


Fairdeal Phil (Is he some kind of barrow boy?) seems to be swallowing the bent statistics put out by this spin-happy government.
He should read the excellent report by Harriet Sergeant, currently serialised in the Daily Mail.
It shows how hopelessly target-driven police forces are and how statistics are manipulated to protect the government and the police.

Conservative Homer

84m for publicity.

Jaysus. No wonder almost every ad i see on TV or hear on Radio nowadays is some gubberment newscast telling me what to do, what not to do and how many great services i dont need are available to people other than me or most of the rest of the population.


Interesting comments, but like Boris's whole campaign strategy, failure to address the basic facts such as:

1. The number of police officers FELL by more than 1,000 under the last Tory Home Secretary despite Michael Howard's promise to increase numbers...

2. Stats from the 43 Police Forces show we now have many MORE police and crime is FALLING year in year, not rising as Boris would have us believe.

3. Distinguished senior police officers such as Sir Ronnie Flanaghan GBE QPM highlight major increases in both funding and performance of our police SINCE 1997.

Direct Quote from Sir Ronnie last week:

'In ten years central spending on policing has risen by nearly £5 billion (an increase of 39% in real terms).

'This extra funding has resulted in a 25% growth in the overall police workforce and a 10% increase in the number of police officers which now stands at around 140,000.

'These additional resources have undoubtedly contributed to a significant improvement in performance, with crime falling by a third since 1997 and public confidence in the police, which had been falling consistently since 1982, rising since 2003/4...'

In summary:


Not Labour spin. Not Government lies. Not bending the truth.

Just the honest and considered assessment of one of most senior, most experienced and most respected police officers in this country.

As Tory health spokesman Andrew Lansley said today, Tory failure to improve the NHS was one reason the Tories were kicked out in 1997.

Failure to get law and order under control was another...



The reason that cars being stolen has gone down is because It is harder to break into them and drive them away. Simple as that!

Rachel Joyce

Why is it that NuLab, fairdealphil, always seem to try to revert to the statistics they control when they are losing an argument.
Can you please explain how the fire brigade union and Government stats are so different as above. Are the union liars?

Matt Wright

Growing numbers of people across Britain have given up reporting crimes. Also we can argue about the stats on police numbers all day but the fact is that the bureaucracy and target nonsense ha smeant the oficers we do have are not as effective as they used to be and are leaving or planning to leave the force in droves.

Alex Swanson


You undermine your own case by banging on about police numbers. It shows the typical socialist obsession with inputs, and equal dedication to the fallacy that if you're spending lots of money you must be getting a commensurate result. What actually counts is not how many policemen there are but how much crime there is.

The truth is - whether you want to face up to it or not - that this govt's target culture is bullying policemen at all levels to produce paperwork that "proves" that policy is working. Even then such "proof" is not always possible.

My particular interest is firearms law and gun crime, and policy in that area, even though a govt priority, is clearly failing. We have had endless new laws, the pistol shooting ban which we were confidently told would take handguns "off the streets", an increase in penalties (funny how left wing people always disapprove of prison sentences in general, on the grounds that they're immoral and don't work, but are always enthusiastic about them when it's something they really care about), tougher air gun regs, banning of replicas etc etc - but nothing works. And yet we're supposed to believe that in other areas there has been spectacular success.

Alex Swanson

target culture is bullying policemen at all levels to produce paperwork that "proves" that policy is working.

Incidentally, it's probably worth re-emphasisng that this is exactly why the Soviets produced duff data. Socialists don't change.


I wonder is fairdealphil is payed out of the £67m propaganda budget for TFL?

Up with the big soccer game.

Looking at the picture it is surprising how tall Boris is compared to the other tory.

Machiavelli's Understudy


Your henchmen in government are fully aware that the increase in police (and obviously non-police, like PCSOs) numbers is unsustainable in the very near future- something will have to be done to afford them or get rid of them. With the economy facing 0% growth- ie, a recession- where will the money come from for these splurges?

Furthermore, the increase in numbers is mitigated by the massive increase in red tape that police forces have been dealt with by your henchmen, with officers spending most of their time away from policing duties.

As for the BCS... I think we're all grown up enough to understand that you can only move the goal posts so many times before you become discreditable.

As we have come to know, common crimes like credit card fraud are no longer dealt with by the police, as a matter of routine policy now. Certain types of theft are no longer recorded accurately and then we must assume that there are people who just do not bother to report crime- presumably because they are aware that police are too busy plodding through your henchmen's paperwork or meeting their targets by arresting children for chalking on pavements...

Of course, there's also the point that the police are even more useless if the justice system is failing, too- of which there can be absolutely no doubt that it is. We have no space in ours gaols, despite your mate Brown having had the opportunity to fund a building programme years ago, but turned it down, in his infinite wisdom. Likewise, I was the victim of criminal damage several years ago, resulting in several hundred pounds worth of damage- Home Office policy, I was told, was to give the offender a caution, as it was a first-time offence. No punishment, no restitution- just another badge of honour from Labour for him to wear amongst his mates down the pub. It's sad that Labour punish speeding motorists on quiet roads more than those who cause harm to people and their property. Is that a fair deal, Phil?

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