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Sally Roberts

OK ....

Tune = Awful!

Lyrics = OK!

Visuals = Absolutely brilliant!!

Sally gives it a score of 7 out of 10.


"Send In The Clowns" would be more appropriate.

Tony Makara

The listing melody is too flat and too down-in-the-mouth to be inspirational, although as Sally says the lyrics are ok. A standard pop tune re-done would have had more pep, a cover version of 'Time for action' by 'Secret affair' with revamped lyrics would have been impacting. See below:


Paul Oakley

Tony is right - the tune is awful. However, he is wrong to seek inspiration from Secret Affair who were themselves rubbish.

The Stranglers are the obvious source for a campaign ditty.

Something Better Change


This though is the type of thing, which has the ability to seperate the two candidates, it projects a greater image to people than any speech could ever do.

Tony Makara

Paul Oakley, sorry you don't like Secret Affair, I thought they were a good little band, although limited to a certain genre. I like your choice of the stranglers track, and I like the anger in the message. Mind you the stanglers always sounded angry! Hey, didn't they dedicate a track to David Blunkett on their first album?

Paul Oakley

Tony - I'm not sure that David Blunkett had been invented yet when their first LP was released in 1977. But the track "Ugly" might fit the bill.

Sally Roberts

Thanks for that clip, Paul Oakley! Stranglers - now you're talking! I've just been dancing like a maniac round my computer!!
Oh well, I always say that my taste in music is eclectic to say the least - or perhaps I'm just a "Strange Little Girl"?

Paul Oakley

You're welcome Sally, but given your (in)famous views on the EU, "The European Female" is probably more appropriate.

Sally Roberts

You're probably right, Paul!!


Tune sounds like the Television Personalities in one of their more whimsical, Syd Barrett moments.

Tony Makara: Secret Affair - now that takes me back. GREAT band, although for a London Mayor campaign, I’d go for the flipside of Time for Action. Soho Strut seems more appropriate!

Tony Makara

Bill, you sound as if you most likely had a two-tone suit and a few Fred Perry's in your wardrobe. Yes, I agree the Secret Affair were very underrated. Maybe a video could be made with Boris scooting into the city as the 'Ace Face' and Ken as a greasy rocker who gets done in after trying to impose a congestion charge on him. This could probably be done in cartoon form, Boris vs Ken, the cartoon chronicles!


Too fat and old now for the mohair suits, I’m afraid. Still like comfy suede boots, though...

Ash Faulkner

Terrible tune, I'm afraid. On the theme of campaign songs...I've always thought the perfect one is 'Beautiful Day' by U2. I don't think it'd work for Boris' campaign, but it's very uplifting and optimistic. The sort of song you'd have after a long period of one party government - 1997, maybe 2009! Alternatively after an unpopular government - the US now, for example. 'Lifted' by the Lighthouse Family is also good for the same optimistic reasons.

Barack Obama is using Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours' a lot I've noticed. It's an upbeat tempo, works quite nicely.


If there has to be a song it should be London Calling by the Clash (calling to get rid of Livingstone)

Chad (old Southend Mod) Noble

"Yes, I agree the Secret Affair were very underrated. Maybe a video could be made with Boris scooting into the city as the 'Ace Face'

To the tune of 'Time for Action'...

Tony Makara

Chad, quadrophenia is on the box again tonight at 22:00 on ITV4. It begs the question if Boris is the ace face, which Conservative politician will play Jimmy? Just imagine Labour and Tory supporters having a mass off outside the polling booth, although I believe a couple of centuries ago ballot box punch-ups were commonplace.

Paul Oakley

Can't decide if it's cool or sad that this thread is dominated by ageing punks and 2-Toners. Straw poll: favourite button badge back in the day? Mine was "Pogo on a Mod". Hee hee hee.

Tony Makara

Paul Oakley, those button badges were a revolution compared to the big badges that preceded them. Of course in the mid-seventies it was only possible to buy such risque fashion items by mail order in the music press, unless a person lived in London. I was always amazed at how girls could actually wear bin-liners, and of course there were those 3-D style sunglasses which intitally only came in childrens sizes, leading to the ridiculous sight of people wearing shades that were far too small for their heads. Oh, how people suffered for the art of pretention.

Chad (My Life's A Jigsaw) Noble

"which Conservative politician will play Jimmy?

It doesn't matter which politician plays Jimmy, Tony, it will be the British Public taking the role of Leslie Ash in the alley way... ;-)

Paul - "Mine was "Pogo on a Mod"." My skinhead brother used to wake me up to the lovely tune of 'f**k a Mod' every Saturday...

Anyway, in a silky return to the theme of the thread, that song is just rubbish.

Paul Oakley

Tony - I remember the wraparound shades as worn by Sid. You're right, they were too small and the lenses were warped which gave you headaches to boot.

Chad - "F**ck a Mod"? By the splendid Exploited if memory do serve.

Sally Roberts

Help! I'm having an identity crisis.... can't decide if I am a Europhile Troll or an ageing punk - No answers on a postcard, thank you!

Tony Makara

"it will be the British Public taking the role of Leslie Ash in the alley way"

Chad, she wasn't much cop was she? I'd have had her jumping through hoops! Anyhow don't think she will be getting roles like that anymore although she has her vast compensation for consolation I suppose.

Paul, a while back it struck me that Nancy was only 20, at the times she seemed so much older. Just goes to show that drugs don't work. On the subject of shades, I wonder if future generations will find them corny? Everything looks dated eventually.

What we need is a really banging song to bounce Boris into power. These songs do help plant the candidate into the voters mind. I'm trying to think of one for Ken, how about "Times up" by the buzzcocks?

Tony Makara

Sally, I believe Vivienne Westwood is planning to vote Conservative, who would have imagined that thirty years ago. Just goes to show you can be an aging punk and still vote blue. Identity crisis what identity crisis?

Justin Hinchcliffe

Absolutely dreadful - Boris can't be serious? A better song would be, "I am what I am, I am my own special creation..."

Paul Oakley

"Time's Up" is a good choice for Ken's swan song Tony. Moving into the new wave area, "Just Go Away" by Blondie is another.

Mr Angry

"I am what I am, I am my own special creation..."

That sounds more like you than Boris, Justin.

Sally Roberts

Tony - you're so right about Vivienne Westwood and I admire her tremendously! Maybe she could be my new role model?

Paul Jones

I think the song's actually pretty good! It's not like they're a professional setup or anything. Well done Boriswatch!


Hi Everyone,

believe it or not, I'm actually the guy that wrote the tune. I'm sorry you don't like it, but you should know that it's not intended to be the 'official' campaign music in any way, shape or form. It is only a bit of fun, that is all. I was merely having a laugh and showing my support for Boris, it is not meant to be taken seriously.

If you use other people's music then you have to pay music publishing royalties, if you can afford that then please continue with your fascinating debate on which is the best song to use. Otherwise, I look forward to hearing your own studio-free recordings and reading the ensuing comments.

And who on Earth were Secret Affair?

Jenny Roberts

Hear hear - it's all for a good cause. GO BORIS!
(P.S. Just looking through the Boris Quotes on Boriswatch. SO good!)

london conservative

"Boris can't be serious?" No.

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