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" Galloway, Chavez and Castro. What a support base!"

You are, of course, forgetting the Islamic Fundamentalist!

Livingstone makes me sick.

Not Boris

The party has a big lead in the national polls. Livingstone is under fire over the Standard's Lee Jasper and the Dispatches' drinking allegations. Yet Boris is still 4%behind Red Ken in the polls. That "support base" is irrelevant all but political hacks.

It appears that Boris is paying a high price for his low profile between the party conference and the New Year. Those three months were wasted and the public and media were unimpressed. Boris should have learned from Fred Thompson's dithering but clearly did not.

Sadly, I have to doubt that Boris can beat Livingstone. It is time for a heavyweight independent candidate to come forward. Londoners deserve better than a bumbling egotist.

David Lindsay

I was going to post something about who Boris Johnson could possibly appoint to the various positions in the gift of Mayor of London, currently held by people who are such dangerous Trots that they have worked happily with the City and the Met for the last eight years.

After all, I thought, with two of the Bullingdon Club already busy (if that is the word) as Leader of the Opposition and as Shadow Chancellor, then whom does that leave? Darius Guppy?

But I have come to a horrible, obvious realisation. The reason that the Left's nasty neocon parasites - Nick Cohen, Martin Bright, Straight Left (or Harry's Place, as it now calls itself) - are so keen on Boris is because he has already promised them specific, astronomically remunerated positions.

The American Enterprise Institute and the Project for the New American Century would then be in day-to-day control of a state within the British State.

Don't let it happen. In spite of everything, and unless Not Boris's "a heavyweight independent candidate" really does come forward, Vote Ken.

Henry Rogers

Does David Lindsay work for Ken? His post is reminiscent of many oh-so-similar personal attacks which grace the left wing blogs, except that it is better written.

David Boothroyd

Can you name a London Labour MP who is critical of Ken and isn't maverick pro-fox hunting Kate Hoey?

Michael Davidson

I must say, I sincerely have my doubts about Boris. If he doesn't have a poll lead by now then it's doesn't look good for the future.


Can you name a London Labour MP who is critical of Ken and isn't maverick pro-fox hunting Kate Hoey?

Why categorise her by just two sensible views when she has so many more as well? She'd be more at home on our side of the Chamber.

With support from Jasper and Galloway then - 'by their friends ye shall know them'.

roy s

David Lindsey at 12.45:
"Vote Ken" ???? only if you wish to continue to support a hard left social agenda for London. Id rather abstain. Can you truly support a man who is dancing with Chavez, the fundamental islamists and various other unsavoury characters in the name of Londoners. Get a grip.
He has to go.


What is our party doing?

Boris is a clown - who hides what ever degree of intelligence he has under buffoonery and and his penchant for excessive verbage. London is the financial capital of the world (you sometimes have to love Sarbanes-Oxley) and is worth someone better.

Surely our party cant be as devoid of talent as labour. Despite the fact that i cant see Boris winning (realistically, i dont think he could have ever won) - things are going to be difficult for cameron as the papers (read: labour) are going to go for it on another defeat. (despite the shambles of the goverment)

Someone with far more authority, Hague perhaps should have been thought about.

kow tow

Boris is ok he just needs aproper press team.

i think he still only has those two junior girls. Surely he could get a small donation to bring in an experienced operator? It would only be a few months work.

All the running is being made by journalists investigating ken and he is niot getting a look in.

You can't neglect media handling Boris!

no more clowns please

Sadly, "BJ" isn't ready for prime time.



I see that Ken’s tame murder of circling crows has descended here. RSS Feeds at the ready, they wait for the Google alerts and land on anything tasty tagged Boris and/or Ken.

Naturally, they don’t do it on GLA time because they are all working 60-70 hours a week but still they come. Fully equipped with keywords ‘watermelon’, ‘clown’, ‘neocon’ and their all time favourite: ‘racist’.

Next comes the simpering, dribble-eyed, praise for Ken the Great and all of his works then off they flutter until the next alarm brings them to their next target of opportunity.

(Boris, cheque to the usual address please)


Helen Chambers

A lot of us would like to have a candidate who is (a) energetic and (b) engaged and who understands that "watermelon smiles" and "picanninies" are unacceptable language.

Smearing those who are concerned about the quality of our candidate as supporters of our political opponent is inaccurate and ignores the problem that said candidate is not up to the job and not that interested.


Not everyone, but some. They have been spotted elsewhere. Even to the extent of copy & paste I love Kenny screeds.

WG Graceless

Well surprise, surprise. A YouGov poll (which, lest we forget, Ken dismissed when it put Boris 1% behind) says the difference is now 4% and the folk of ConHome start sticking the knife in.

Can't you lot grow up and realise the Mayoralty is more than just Boris? It's about putting someone in charge who won't put nutty lefty/islamic fanatics front and centre. Who won't reward those minorities he can squeeze the most votes out of with positions of power. And who will approach spending and taxation in the Capital in a decent and considered manner.

Get behind the man! He has Crosby and McGrath on the team now - they must be cooking something up, and as for not making the most of the Ken sleaze allegations..do none of you realise how little currency it would have if he stopped talking about solving knife crime and reducing the burden of taxation and instead harped on about a few dodgy rumours?

Johnson for London!

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