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Richard Calhoun

Boris' efforts last night on 'London Talking' on ITV were very poor.

He was outclassed by Livingstone and Paddick, he did not appear to have done his homework, unless he was severely rattled. I think he was.

Boris will let us all down badly unless he improves his game dramatically!!

Boris Supporter

Sorry Richard, which debate were you watching?

Boris was on top form, in command of the detail and talking about the issues that mattered to Londoners.

He was passionate and up for the fight, and if you can't see that then you are either a Livingstone plant or one of those Tories who seems to think we don't need to bother with one of the most important cities in the world.

Mr Angry

I'm very glad to see that Boris has at last joined battle with Livingstone on these very serious matters of misuse of our money and possible corruption. Let's hope that the police make a better job of these investigations than they did of donorgate and that the execrable Lee Jasper is subject to the intense investigative scrutiny that his reported behaviour demands.


Richard, Boris did a tremendous job. Paddick couldn't even give a 1 minute introduction without reading it all from notes.

Boris came out with great credit BUT that isn't the topic of this thread. It is about the worrying tendency of the newt lover to give money to Jasper and his other Communist cronies.

I'd like to see criminal prosecutions where impropriety can be proven but I'd also like Boris to strongly confirm that we will cut off funding to leftist-activist organisations like this on Day 1 of him taking office.

Richard Calhoun

I am in a minority so far!!

However Boris talked his way out of answering questions he didn't like.

He was to easily drawn into a shouting match when he shouldn't, became too impassioned and the other two capitalised on this weakness.

I am very much a conservative, and a strong supporter of a Tory Mayor.

That's why I find it so frustrating that an experienced and highly intelligent man like Boris should be bested by an inexperienced ex policeman and an out and out socialist

Paul Oakley

Boris needs to use the clinical rapier thrust which he is perfectly capable of inflicting. The debate degenerated too much into a "talking over each other" melee and the general Dulux Dog licking is not enough. Livingstone was nevertheless rightly rattled and BJ could and should take advantage of this in future.

Paul Oakley

PS. Whatsisname? Oh yeah, Paddick - was dire. Mind you, all of the LimpDem potential candidates were abysmal.

Richard Calhoun

Its the clinical rapier that was sadly missing , more like the blunderbuss which missed its target

Richard Calhoun

Who cares about the LivDems, Paddick is an inexperinced politician and an expoliceman and still put over a more convincing pitch than Boris



"However Boris talked his way out of answering questions he didn't like."

That's the sign of a good politician. The bad ones try to answer them and then trap themselves.


Gentlemen, the topic is "Police investigate LDA-funded projects" which is extremely interesting in itself - might we please steer away from general comments about Boris' contribution in the debate as I'm sure that another more appropriate thread will soon be posted by our esteemed hosts.

Everybody should try Googling for the five projects listed in the original post. You'd all be quite scared by the results you'll see.

There is evidence of criminal activity in all of them (judge for yourselves and leave it to the police - I'm no expert). However despite not being a lawyer I'd guess that a lot of lawyers are going to make serious amounts of taxpayers money out of this.

Jonathan Hoffman

Boris did well on ITV. The only answer that should have been different was to Paddick who asked something like 'without experience how can you talk about crime?' The right answer is 'without experience how can you talk about housing and education and economic regeneration?'

(with acknowledgement to the person who already said this on the earlier thread on this site)

Jonathan Hoffman


From Guardian CIF:

"Let's not forget the lack of independence in both of the internal investigations by the LDA and the GLA.

The central argument is that Lee Jasper used the patronage of the Mayor to influence funding towards his long time and close friends.

Neither the GLA or the LDA investigations have checked to whom the monies have been paid and what those individuals have done for the money.

In the case of Diversity International, Joel O'loughlin is an extremely close friend of Lee Jasper, they have been friends for well over a quarter of century. One of Joel O'loughlin's children is godson to Lee Jasper etc., and they are in constant contact. Joel O'loughlin is a trustee/director of the 1990 Trust along with Lee Jasper's other friends. Lee Jasper is involved in the day to day internal management and running of the 1990 Trust and uses its BLINK website for self-promotion.

Lee Jasper is motivated only by what control he can exert over the so called 'Black community' and the profile he gains from this, he does this via his longtime friends rather than any democratic will of this community.

Ken Livingstone should be reelected, but Lee Jasper is an absolute embarrasment to his reelection."

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