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Malcolm Dunn

Sadly I won't be able to make it tonight as I've got a council meeting but it does sound a very exciting way of livening up debate on Conhome. Good luck.I hope it works!


I've just brought a new TV only to find I can barely get a signal in my new bedsit. Luckily this is on analogue so I shall be watching it through a snowstorm and chatting on here.

Hope the new 'job' is going well, Malcolm.


Can you link the piece in the Observer yesterday? Hinch was sending it around folkses this am.


This I want to see. Can I watch it online, or do I actually have to buy one of those portable B&W TVs and shell out the 45 quid for a B&W TV licence?

Anne Murphy

The best help Central Office could give Boris Johnson would be to come out strongly opposed to the third runway at Heathrow. It's going to seriously affect many Londoners across London - from Camden to Richmond, not just those living near the airport - and it would be a step which would appeal to environmentalists as well as those who simply don't want the unpleasantness and dangers of a doubling of the number of flights overhead. Livingston is against it - but tactically, it's his party that is pushing it through. Cameron will really miss a trick unless he gives Johnson a really strong policy card to play.

graeme archer

New blogging software not iPhone compatible! What's happening at Tory towers!

I'll be online for a bit, but have to head out later to help keep hackney's streets Home Secretary free ;-)

Deputy Editor

The liveblog is live now. Your comments are welcome within the actual liveblog feed - just type in your name and message and click send. (There will be a slight delay in it going up.)

If it looks like a few of your are online we might experiment with the odd poll or something.

Patsy Sergeant

This is fantastic (help something is breaking in to this thread) - but to really take part a laptop is needed.....


Why do you need a laptop in particular, Patsy?

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