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It's odd that despite all the ongoing accusations, the undoubted policy failures, the controversies over courting muslim clerics and insulting a Jewish reporter... nothing ever seems to stick to Ken. His poll ratings seem unaffected. He shrugs it off, the public don't seem too bothered and they vote him in again.

I hope Boris can make some of these charges hurt, but I get the distinct feeling that Londoners don't actually care much about the Mayor's job and are generally happy for Ken to just get on with it, which is a bit disconcerting as it goes against the normal rules of politics.


Too little too late!

Andrew Gilligan is spot on in the Standard tonight about how Boris has wasted two thirds of the time he has available.

Boris needs to get ahead of these stories and he needs a serious media handling operation.

Roger Evans

Livingstone has a unique political strategy - the professional victim.

Victim of Thatcher, Victim of Blair, Victim of the press, Victim of the Standards Board, Victim of the House of Lords.

Vote for the Victim, support the little guy...

And there is the danger that he will be able to adopt the mantle of Victim yet again.

Mr Angry

Roger Evans is absolutely spot on and, sadly, Boris is weeks too late. Come on Boris, you can win this election but you need to pouncture Livingstone's false victimhood and fake cuddly image and come out fighting right now and you need to fight on the things that concern Londoners and not on your own personal obsessions. So, forget about bicycle theft and bendy buses and start talking about Livingstone's corruption, incompetence and profligacy and exactly how that is damaging Londoners as well as how much it is costing them.

One marcus

Ken Livinstone survives by appealing to the ethnic minorities look where all his grants have gone to ethnic minority groups. Then he has the local media mostly in his pocket I watched one reportthat talked about his very large lead, since when was 4% large. Why oh why is Boris not making the headlines last week in what Livingstoen admits was the worse week of his political life Boris landed no punches and made no headlines not once. Either Boris ain't up to the fight or his team isn't! that is why Livingstone was 4 points ahead

Andrew Gilligan

Don't pay too much attention to the headline spin on this poll - as I mentioned in my Evening Standard column, Ken's share (the more important measure) is actually slightly down on the previous poll. And now we also have detailed data from YouGov showing that it was based on a minuscule sample (240 people, excluding don't knows). That's about a quarter of the normal minimum sample size for reliability. To my mind, that all but invalidates the poll's findings.

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