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Justin Hinchcliffe - Pro European Conservative

Pathetic little creep!

Paul Oakley

Showing his total lack of political nous again. He was mad to make an enemy of the Evening Standard. Please keep up the good work Andrew Gilligan.

David Boothroyd

Want to know why no other media organization has taken up the Evening Standard's campaign against the LDA? Because there's really nothing in it and (because it's a Gilligan exclusive) most of the founding facts are, as usual, wrong.

Meanwhile Boris still hasn't any policies. Is he going to bring back conductors on buses or is he not? If so, how will they be paid for? Will he cut funding to the police? If not, how is he going to reduce the council tax precept which almost all goes to the Met? Does he endorse the 'new Routemaster' or does he not? Clear answers on these questions are awaited.

Reagan Fan

And above all, is David Boothroyd a Ken Livingstone sock puppet?

Reagan Fan

The Ken Livingstone cheerleaders are going to have their work cut out for them after this coming Monday's Dispatches programme on Channel 4.

One intriguing story is mentioned here:


Richard Tracey

Livingstone and his cronies are seriously rattled, as all his broadcast appearances and comments to the media from his inflated PR army show clearly. Onward and upward, Boris.


The Met budget is about GBP3.8billion of which GBP3.4billion is controlled my the Mayor and Assembly. If you found savings of 1%, surely not that difficult, and you assume an average cost per policeman per year of GBP50,000 (salary, penion, NI etc.)you could have an extra 680 policemen on the streets.

Tim Roll-Pickering

Why don't I get the Londoner through my letterbox? I've only lived here for years!


It's alright, Tim. You can have one of mine - King Newt sends me three!

Malcolm Dunn

David Boothroyd, please advise us as you're so knowledgable which facts has Gilligan got wrong? And if they are wrong why hasn't Lee Jasper complained/sued?
I know I shouldn't say this given that you know everything but I think you'll find that the Times and Daily Mail have reported on Gilligan's story as has the BBC.


Boothroyd - why did Kate Hoey (Labour MP, by the way) make a complaint to the police about Jasper's activities which resulted in them knocking down doors to take away evidence?

The MSM ignore a lot of important stories because they are more interested in trivia: bread and circuses.

And Gilligan was demonstrably right about the fake evidence on Iraqi WMD.

You'll be trying to prove Hain's Fake Think Tank is genuine, next.

Tony Sharp

I was feeling very fed up today. Then I saw David Boothroyd's comment. The transformation was remarkable - the sun has come out, the birds are singing, the cat is purring at my feet and I feel completely energised. I have not laughed so much for days. Never underestimate the power of humour, even if it is completely unintentional.

Reagan Fan

Now I can see why David Boothroyd writes in Labour soundbites:


"...Having already joined the Labour Party in 1989, on leaving university Boothroyd worked briefly for John Battle, MP for Leeds West. Boothroyd was active in local politics in Westminster City Council and fought unsuccessfully for a seat on it in 1998.

"...He also worked as a research assistant for Ian Lucas, MP for Wrexham, after the 2001 general election."

But best of all:

"He then went to St. Catharine's College, Cambridge University, where he read Natural Sciences, and was involved with the Cambridge Organisation of Labour Students; among the other members at this time was Andrew Gilligan."

Heh! Anyone see a potential cause for a grudge?

Paul Oakley

Ha! Nice work, Reagan Fan

Sean Fear

Most of what David Boothroyd writes is extremely interesting and well-informed, but certainly not on this occasion.

Craig Barrett

Is this the same Ken Livingstone who howls about the Evening Standard's treatment of him, talking persistently about an age-old association with Fascism, yet seemed perfectly happy to accept their cash and be their restaurant critic in the 90s?

Sarah Blackwell

Typical - when challenged on actual policy issues you resort to attempts at discrediting the only opposition voice on this page. You should be ashamed!

I am actually interested in the answers to David Boothroyd's questions. Boris has so far managed to avoid any reference to what concrete plans he has for London. Will he continue to base his campaign on demagogic rubbish or will we get a serious debate?


The Livingstone taxpayer funded campaign that annoyed me the most was his campaign against nuclear power.

John Wilkin

Has anyone else noticed the "Bolivarian government of Venezuela" emblem which is starting to appear alongside the "Mayor of LondON" logo on some posters on the tube?

Mr Angry

So Livingstone is not able to take criticism, and this is news????

Both Livingstone and Jasper stand a good chance of having their collars felt by Inspector Knacker by the time the Police investigation into the various dodgy goings on at the LDA is completed. And no amount of dissembling, or pathetic attempts at discrediting those journalists brave enough to cover their misdeeds, by Labour stooges such as David Boothroyd will change that.

It doesn't matter where you look in Britain Labour are incompetent, arrogant, dishonest, often corrupt, oppressive and soon to be booted out of government at all levels.

Reagan Fan

Sarah, m'dear, you might like to look at Boothroyd's post again. His first paragraph is nothing to do with policy, and all to do with libelling his former university pal's journalistic integrity. That's not constructive opposition. It is therefore helpful to know the source of the comment is a Labour cheerleader.

And if you want policy from Boris then may I suggest you take the radical approach of actually visiting his website where he very helpfully sets it out for you. Alternatively wait until his (and Ken's) manifesto is published.

Sarah Blackwell

Thanks for that extremely helpful suggestion Raegan Fan. I have had another look at Boris' website to see if anything more concrete is on there since my last visit. And no, it's still all about 'beefing up', 'supporting' and 're-forming' existing policies, as well as a load of demagogic nonsense like 'working with communities to prevent gang violence'. What does this mean exactly, what is he going to change? I await the manifestos with eager anticipation.

John Moss

As somebody who works with grants, the total lack of oversight into the giving of money and the monitoring of what it was used for is a case of staggering incompetence and failure of public officials to do their job.

This is what we have to do:

Identify the "outpus" which our projects will deliver and match these to those which are allowed to be funded under the EU's State Aid rules - to which I assume the LDA is also subject;

Demonstrate that we are procuring those outputs at a justifiable cost, usually through competitive tendering for the services;

Show match funding for the grants given from either other public sources or from private funding;

Show that we have spent the money on those items of "eligible" expenditure, by providing copy invoices and bank statements showing payments leaving our bank account;

Be auditted on our outputs through regular monitoring by the grant giving body, provision of detailed records on who is benefitting and we also have 10% of the total retained pending satisfactory conclusion of the project.

Has any of this happenned in any of the cases cited by Gilligan? I don't see any evidence of this.

Whether it is corrupt or not, it is shockingly lax with our money.

We will know when the brown stuff is truly about to hit the revolving object when Livingstone sacks Jasper to save his own skin, as he will surely do if even one 1,000th of what Gilligan alleges turns out to be true.

Graeme  Archer

I await the manifestos with eager anticipation.

Posted by: Sarah Blackwell

Ooh, do you? I do too, Sarah, but I often wonder about the gaps in my social life as well.

This election should, justifiably, be a referendum on the character (such as it is) of Livingstone, a despicable creep of a man who has squandered billions and - allegedly - allows his cronies to siphon off millions of our money straight into their pockets. If the Standard's claims are false, why hasn't Livingstone and chief crony Jasper sued?

Are we, like, supposed to not notice criminality on this scale in the Mayor's office? Just because Livingstone has set up a network of patronage and cash-streams into unrepresentative groups, and then screams "rascist" at anyone who questions his largesse at our expense, doesn't mean it shouldn't be a central theme of the campaign.

I wait the manifestos with a stunning lack of interest, to be honest. More than anything, I just want rid of Livingstone.

Malcolm Dunn

Further to David Boothroyd's comment yesterday about the media other than the Evening Standard not covering Lee Jasper's activities I see Channel4 will be doing something next week.
Still waiting David, for you to tell us which facts Gilligan got wrong.

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