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Graeme Archer

The Nick Cohen article is amazing - and brave. He is consistently brave both in his writing and the fact that he places it in organs of the left. Since he is himself a (decent) left-liberal, he brings upon himself some of the most vitriolic abuse there is to be read on the internet (have a look at the anti-semitic filth ladled out to him by the Observer's online readers this morning). But he keeps telling the truth. When we get to that sunny upland, and have banished Livingstone from London and Brown from Westminster, there should be a statue erected to the writers like Nick Cohen, who acted with integrity rather than continued to bang their tribal party drum.

Malcolm Dunn

Livingstone is amazing. He still has an image of being 'cuddly Ken' with large parts of the public. It is an image that is hugely at variance with the facts.

Tony Makara

I find it interesting that most of my left-leaning friends are disgusted with the likes of Ken Livingstone. A one time firebrand socialist now turned into sated bourgeois oppressor. As I like to point out to my friends, they musn't confuse socialism with statism!

I must say that its a sign of Livingstones entrenched arrogance that he feels confident enough to drink alcohol while on public duty. The man is clearly suffering from a case of advanced Ceausescuism!

Donal Blaney

Given his peculiar hobby, I guess it gives a whole new meaning to being "pissed as a newt"


John Moss

I suggest a flick through the comments posted on Cohen's article on the observer page.

A fine example of the hatred inherent in left-wingery generally and extreme left-wingery in particular. Especially towards those with whom they almost entirley agree, but not quite.

People's Front for Judea or Judean People's Front - take your pick but they hate each other and Respect are going the same way. They have two separate offices in Tower Hamlets - one for the Galloway mob, plain Respect, and one for Respect, the Unity Coalition, the ex SWP lot. You couldn't make it up!

Livingstone is merely a softly spoken example of the same hatred. His comments about Philips - his Deputy Mayor running mate in 2000 don't forget - are a fine example of his intolerance. If you don't agree with Livingstone's view of the world, you are venal and to be labelled with some tag which puts you beyond the pale in "polite" - for which read left-wing/BBC - circles.

Come to think of it, has anybody noticed how little Philips has been on the Toady Prog and elsewhere since Livingstone's comments? Strange that.

Jill, London

The Evening Standard also deserve a lot of credit for exposing Livingstone’s shenanigans – and I think it was a scandal Livingstone was able to overturn the Standards Board of England’s ‘verdict’ that he should be suspended from office for a month. [If I had my way he would be suspended forever!]

I am glad Nik Cohen’s Observer comment has exposed what I have long suspected – Livingstone was an active member of the WRP – he’s obviously a Trot by instinct. However, I would like to take issue with Nik Cohen’s comment that “so many of the baby boomers now in power wasted their youth in Marxist-Leninist politics”. But this current maladministration – now led by Comrade Brown – is imbued with Marxist-Leninist ideology in general – and Antonio Gramsci’s Theory of Hegemony in particular! That’s why the minorities are being treated like the majorities – completely at odds with this country’s democratic traditions which they dismiss as “populism”!

And let’s not forget that this current maladministration – when led by B-Liar – set up the Mayor of London office as an elected dictator. It’s Londoners' bad luck that Livingstone was elected who’s exploited the elected dictator element to the hilt. It really is time this elected dictator element was overturned – democracy instated – and the London Assembly members given some powers – otherwise why are we paying their salaries?


There is no limit to the petty squander of tax payers funds. His office heavily funds trotskyite groups in student politics too. Reports were around that members of his staff interfere in NUS politics and help their merry little band with finances and such.

James Maskell

This is a bear trap I suspect Boris could fall for. He must not get the contest dirty. Be passionate about it but for the love of all things holy, do not trawl in the mud which this stuff produces. Do not watch the Despatches programme, do not read the articles. Do not get dragged into it.


Boris would be wise not to comment, but there is a stench around county hall and around TfL that needs exposure. That is the 4th estates job.

GLA Spokesperson

With regard to the reports from certain newspapers which you have linked to, it should be pointed out that he Greater London Authority does not politically vet potential or existing employees, nor carry records regarding their political views, and it would indeed be unlawful and a breach of employment and human rights for it to do so.

The only important, and lawful, criteria regarding the record of GLA staff is to be found in policies that have been successfully delivered.

Mr Atma Singh was removed from his job in the GLA for failure to meet a request for assistance from the Mayor’s Office from the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Squad, for failure to inform the Mayor’s Office that such a request for assistance from the anti-terrorism police had been made, for failure to contact the Mayor’s Office during the terrorist attacks on London on 7 July and 21 July 2005, and further matters. http://www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=15354

Details of the work of the senior GLA staff, that have directly contributed to making London a more successful city, can be found here: http://www.london.gov.uk/view_press_release.jsp?releaseid=15355


Ok Mr/s "GLA Spokesperson"

Stephen Bright's programe was devastating: Lee Jasper asked Ann Kane to smear Trevor Phillps, and she did using our money; Redmond O'Neill never showed up at TFL Board meetings; and John Ross despite being Livingstone's Economic Adviser, does not head the Economics Group in City Hall. By appointing poorly qualified fellow SA travellers to the top jobs, Livingstone has protected himself and given himself scope to pursue his personal agenda.

How can anyone say he deserves re-election?


Who pays for Livingstone's whisky that he drinks at meetings with the Assembly and the public?

If it is coming out of Council Taxes, that should be public knowledge. If anyone who is reading this is in a position to enquire (journalist, Assembly member)....thanks


I think Ken has got plenty to answer for but I don't really see any scandal in the whiskey, tbh.

Only a few years ago politicians drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar at meetings was the norm. Of course times have changed, but even so I don't really see a scandal here.


True, Comstock, but at 10am? Next time I see him I'll book the meeting for 8.30am and hope he didn't pour scotch on his cornflakes.



More revelations from City Hall. Does anyone seriously think she did this without Jasper's knowledge?

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