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Sally Roberts

Boris is absolutely right to build links with the cabbies who seemingly to a man (and woman probably!) hate Ken!

Happy Tory

Lizard feels like a good image for Ken - somewhat cold blooded and self satisfied. Worth using a few more times to see if it sticks.

Tony Makara

It seems every motorist in this country wants Labour out. There has never been a more anti-motorist government than this one. Even I can see the anti-motorist agenda and I can't even drive! Great to see Boris out making friends and definitely influencing people.

Mr Angry

After what Livingstone has done to them the Black Cab Drivers are a natural constituency for Boris and it is good to see that he is courting them. Let's hope that he also courts London's oppressed motorists as well and does not sign up to the unthinking, left wing knee jerk, anti car hatred so beloved of Livingstone and Labour Councils.

Phil Taylor

Boris needs to court the minicab vote too. There are 44,000 mincabs and only 22,000 black cabs. All of them excellent entrepreneurs who are natural Tory voters.

Us outer zoners rely on minicabs more too.

Why can't they pick up in the street? Maybe the more established ones. Why can't they use bus lanes? Why do minicabs travel empty on their return from airport and station drop-offs. Where's the green in that?

Justin Hinchcliffe - Pro-European Conservative

Excellent news! Keep on rousing Londoners like this, Boris, and you may just make it. Fingers crossed!


"Let's go and find out what these cabbie chappies do then. Wot, Wot?"


Something like 'Ken the Chameleon' eh Happy Tory? :)

One marcus

And another thing Boris me old mate. Well done Boris I think Lizard Ken would have got lynched if he went there.

Wayne Bridges

What a good idea to get the cabbies to rally behind Boris!

Most cab drivers are always the first to give an opinion on something, even when you haven't asked for it in the first place.

If Boris plays his cards right he might just have found 66,000 campaign vehicles.


So many great cabbies in London, always got a story or two, and all of them hate Ken! They seem to particularly hate Kings Cross St Pancras... if Boris can pledge to make that area easier for cabbies I reckon thats a few thousand votes right there.

Roger Evans

I was in a cab a few years ago and I mentioned that we were having problems with rats at City Hall. The driver replied 'So am I - with the ones that work there!'

Roger Evans

I should add that I was somewhat put out by his comment (as I work at City Hall), and I pointed out that there were a lot of good people in the building, doing their best for London. The driver's reply went into great detail about how he felt the Mayor was destroying his livelihood by making him fit expensive exhaust filters, receipt printers etc to his vehicle, and overseeing a growth in unlicensed minicabs - he actually thought there would be no black cabs left in a few years. Definitely not one of Livingstone's fans.


44000 thousand mini cabs, thats not the figure the inland revenue have on their books, I think H.M Customs should raid a few Mini cab offices to check on the books, must be costing the country millions in lost tax, Mini cabs are now more expencive than Black cabs by far


44000 mini cabs in london? thats not the inland revnue on their books, suggest they raid a few Mini cab offices to check this out, must be costing HMRC millions in lost tax, and the easy answer to allowing Mini cabs to pick up, just sign up and do the knowledge then you can do so, or is that to hard for you?

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