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Paul 'The Machine' Seery

Great news but alot still needs to be done before the party can be confident of ousting Kent Livingstone in May's London Mayor election.


I'm surprised it isn't much closer.

But there certainly is lots of hope for Boris.


It couldn't be much closer rightsideforum!

Henry Rogers

Look, this poll is great news but a lot more needs to happen. Couldn't help noticing that most of the cross-references in CH came up as November or December last year.

I know from Boris's campaign website that he has been doing lots of low key visits all around London but his campaign does need to be a bit more visible than that. Tories can't expect the Evening Standard allegations about corruption to do all their work for them.

Whatever we may think about LibDem ideology we really would quite like more than a few of their second preference votes. So lets hope there are no nasty personal attacks on their candidate. Saying that we think his/their policies are pants is another matter altogether!

Since I live in London, I really do not want to spend a further 4 years with my city being messed up by KL's policies so I'd love a slightly more visible banner to rally behind.


"the LibDem candidate is floundering on a miserable 7%."

Shame, because I'm just listening to his interview on BBC radio London now, and he seems to be the best candidate.


Here, if anyones interested. http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articles/2007/12/06/paddick_on_vanessa_feature.shtml

Reagan Fan

This is a handy guide to the Muslim "community leaders" urging people to vote for Livingstone in a letter to yesterday's Guardian:


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