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I agree. A very encouraging set of appointments.


great appointment - Lynton is exceptional on effective message communication, and a gifted pollster - hope that Mark Textor is lurking there somewhere too


Boris really needs to get a good marketing team behind him. We need attractive, intelligent and persuasive people helping him on the ground, not geeks and ugly adolescents. Not nearly enough people have been attending his speeches and there still lacks a clear communication strategy.


orlando alludes to an important point. The current Ashcroft-overseen polling operation is of very poor quality. Crosby-Textor would shake things up. If that is one of the products of this appointment the whole party will gain.


Great appointment. Now can we hire Karl Rove pretty please?


That's silly rsf. Rove doesn't understand UK politics. Crosby does.


The challenge now is to keep LC to run DC's campaign...


Did Boris meet him for lunch? What a jolly wheeze. Oh, King Newt, King Newt!?!. What did happen to my political career, Wot, Wot?

Roger Evans

With a strong campaign we can win this - and that would be really bad news for Labour. Livingstone is currently seen as more popular than his party, so if he can't hold onto his job what will that say about Brown?

If they lose, expect the panic in Labour to spread like wildfire.


If Mr. Crosby is so good, why did our vote share at the 2005 General Election rise less than one percentage point?

In Australia, it seems that one can win an election campagin by emphasising economic competence and using "dog-whistle" slogans to appeal to the prejudices of the elecorate, particularly with regards to immigration. If CCHQ thinks that kind of strategy will work in London, they must be mad.

I'm extremely nervous about giving money to a man who in 2001 said that asylum seekers were throwing their own children overboard to try to get into Australia. He is a practitioner of the politics of the lowest common denominator.

Mr Angry

"He is a practitioner of the politics of the lowest common denominator."

So is the execrable Livingstone FATA.

Boris can win in London but to do so he needs an experienced and effective campaign team as well as, and this is still woefully lacking at present, a strong and wide ranging platform of popular and populist policies. That is needed very soon in order to both differentiate him from the incumbent and give floating voters a reason to support him as well as to gather up the vital second preference votes from those supporting other candidates.

London activist

I wonder if there will be a role for Adrian Pepper of Crosby Textor Pepper. Pepper reduced the Labour majority in Burton in 2005. Pepper was knifed in Burton and replaced as the PPC by Theresa May's Chief of Staff. Nuff said!

ken friel

srosby is a great guy to have a drink with and is popular. however his political judgment is suspect. the michael howard campaign was a disaster. crosby will take the credit for a boris win and use his usual quote "you cant fatten a pig on market day" if he loses. meanwhile he and his firm walk away with a killing!!!

Moral minority

Editor, why is there no "London Mayor" button on the main menu? It used to be there but has has gone. I hope that you are not trying to stop visitors accessing older threads.


No MM - I was just trying to cut down on the clutter. I deleted the LondonMayor, Ten Things and Dictionary buttons because of their declining use.

Moral minority

"I deleted the LondonMayor, Ten Things and Dictionary buttons because of their declining use."

The Editor's reply is, in effect, the strongest indictment of Boris's non-campaign yet on this site. Nearly three month's after Boris's nomination, the London Mayor section suffers from "declining use"! That is truly staggering.


On the whole looks good.

The McGrath appointment is a red herring. For all the talk of "chief of staff" he is a bag carrier albeit a hard working and loyal one. Its not fair on him to over exaggerate his background.

Crosby is good news but Boris still needs a proper press team - he has two junior girls at the moment. They need a proper strategist to direct them and establish high level contact with the media.


You are being unfair to James McGrath, Saturn. He got a reputation as a fixer during his time at CCHQ. He knows everyone. He'll be a big asset to the campaign and a perfect link with Crosby.


He will do Crosby's bidding and work very hard. he is good news.

However he is not a fixer and it is slightly disingenuous to claim he is. He follows orders - the same as a lot of other hard working people at CCHQ.

In Tory politics Chief of staff is a really odd term invented during our period in opposition. In reality they don't have any control over staff and are researchers and bag carriers. They are not senior positions and i am afraid James has not held a senior position.

He is not a strategist or a Director he is a foot soldier. As i said before it is not fair on him to claim otherwise as it creates unrealistic expectations.


Lets hope that as Campaign Manager, he will get support from the rest of the team because Synergy is the important factor. Livingstone should be exposed for his shallow Labour policies. Livingstone is the past, time for a change.

Adrian Peirson

What's with the Boris the Clown smears, he may well have that persona, I'd rather that than deceiptful, dishonest etc.
If they are labelling him thus then those in real power, the think tanks and Lobbysts pulling strings whilst scuttling behind the scenes must see him as a threat to their cancerous grip on my country, so he gets my vote.

I like to know who and what I'm voting for.


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