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Justin Hinchcliffe

Very, very impressive.

My ballot paper arrived yesterday. I am not going to send it in until the last minute (i.e. after the hustings). I urge others to do likewise.

Craig Barrett

I suspect that, in the end, Lightfoot will fall beneath the Johnson juggernaut, but reading this as a Londoner, it is clear to me that he has given this a great deal of thought and has put together some ideas that will benefit all of London (and not just Livingstone-central).

Boris - take note. This man might be the best person to advise you on policy...


"Boris - take note. This man might be the best person to advise you on policy..."

I absolutely agree. After the selection Boris should make him his deputy and/or Chief of Strategy. And Boris will need to perform very well at next week's hustings to ensure that his ideas do not look lightweight against Lightfoot.

Boris should also state explicitly at the hustings that he wants all 3 of the other Tory finalists to have major parts on his campaign - to become key members of Team Boris.

Interesting that Justin H's steadfast support of Andrew Boff seems to be weakening...but I agree we should not send back our ballots until we have heard the hustings (or, if you cannot get there, ConHome's account of them, natch).

Henry Mayhew -

Warwick is absolutely brilliant. I fully endorse the comments above - for what that's worth.

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