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Malcolm Dunn

Rather lazy journalism from the Standard in my opinion.Boris is much better known than the other 3 ,that does not mean that he would necessarily make a better mayor.


I'll have Boris any day of the week than Communist Red Ken. If we have someone who has the ideals of Lord Tebbitt, then London will benefit as a result.


You make a very fair point re. The Standard. What struck me as odd was that the implicit point was how impressive the others were in terms of policy and performance. Still, Boris will get the nomination sadly and Londoners will have suffer Ken for another 4 years. Johnson hasn't a hope in hell.

Graeme Archer

Please bear in mind that the last time The Standard said anything positive about any Conservative was c. 1922. It's a vile anti-Tory newspaper which is about the last place left on Earth that the Lib-Dems get puffed.

I bet Andrew's pleased about that picture!

london conservative

Why doesn't Boris Johnson feel the need to learn facts, and get them right? It kind of seems like he just can't be bothered.

Victoria and Warwick lack experience and gravitas but at least they and Andrew Boff are putting some serious effort into this.

The real election is a lot more hardwork than this somewhat bizarre "primary."


"VB - I'm a Londoner with very clear ideas about what needs to be done."

That's hardly unique. I would imagine that most London taxi drivers would describe themselves this way as well.

C List and Proud

I have to say, the party machine has hardly done itself any favours by downgrading this to a sideshow. I think Graham Archer said it was a missed opportunity in the dog days of August to get the media interested while nobody else was around, but it was fluffed and yet again, the Standard did not report the fact that every Londoner could vote. What is the press officer responsible for this doing?

Boris has of course been wholly disappointing as his, make-it-up-as-I-go-along style has been exposed at every hustings as a recipe for disaster. Should he win, Livingstone will take him apart.

As for the Standard, Nick Cohen - famously left-wing - is scathing of Livingstone and his chumming up to the homophobic islamist cleric. I doubt he will vote for us, but I suspect that's one gay, jewish vote which won't tick the Livingstone box either first or second come May next year. Let's hope there are many more so Mr Boff sails home!

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