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Sally Roberts

I'm glad to read that Theresa has quite rightly commented on the situation but I'd like to hear something about no-strike agreements and how the Conservatives in a future administration might be able to implement/enforce them!


Perhaps the candidates could get together to sing this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYVJSOFZxDE

I know it's on my ipod today!

michael mcgough

At least he's saying something and it is good that Theresa should (at last)make a statement----------but more is needed.
Let us hear how badly we taxpayers have been shafted by Brown's ludicrously one sided PFI deal.

George Hinton

Metronet goes bust through a combination of bad mangement, inept accounting controls, a failed internal tendering process and a harsh employer in TfL.
So the unions go on strike to protect jobs and pensions in a bankrupt organisation, after learning that Red Ken and TfL says it will take-over Metronet contracts. What planet are these people on, just what reality is there in their action. This strike is futile and wrong and simply demonstrates that Bob Crow is an old fashioned union dinosaur. I am surprised that TfL has not taken legal action to prevent this strike. To subject hundreds of thousands of commuters to this industrial action is a disgrace.
The further disgrace is the mealy mouthed comments of Warwick Lightfoot. Does he not realise that the only reason many unions are urging a referendum on the EU Treaty(Constitution) is the right to strike in the old fashioned manner, the way Uncle Bob Crow has adopted.
Nice to hear Theresa articulate a few words, I thought she had been struck dumb, such are the scarcity of her reported comments.

Phil Taylor

The Tube is part of Transport for London. The Chairman of the Board is Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London. The blame for this fiasco lies with Ken Livingstone. He thinks that he can control one-time Communist Bob Crow by giving him everything he wants. Livingstone even managed to have Crow as a board member of TfL from 1st June 2002 to 31st July 2004 when Crow stormed off.

The Mayor has worked with RMT and the other unions to give Tube staff ridiculously cushy Ts & Cs but still Crow is prepared to humiliate the Mayor to prove his power. Station staff do a 35 hour week with 52 days leave a year.

Instead of just waving the white flag a London Mayor needs to work to take the strike weapon out of public transport in London without giving these workers huge pay for little work.

The Mayor reckons he is a capable executive mayor. It is no good blaming Bob Crow and the PPP. It is the Mayor's job to fix things. Fixing Crow is a priority.

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