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Justin Hinchcliffe

And there we were – thinking WE had a bunch of nobodies. So, let's get this straight (no pun intended!): there's a wannabe councillor from Finchley, a useless and low-profile councillor from Haringey (my home turf!) and a dizzy queeny ex-cop from somewhere South of the River. As they say, you couldn't make it up!

Conservative Man

So will Labour voters be happy putting one of these as a second choice to our candidate? I fear yes, indeed the STV system seems designed to exclude Conservatives (Just why is someone’s second choice equal in weight to my first choice?)


So diverse that there's no sign of any heterosexual from a racial majority, I note. Right on!! (Not complaining of course.)

I am not sure that Mr Paddock will be the most popular choice in his old stamping ground of Lambeth. What happened to his drugs policy - unsuccessful and then reversed wasn't it? I genuinely have forgotten the precise details.

Stephen Tolkinghorne

If the Tories had someone like Simon Fawthrop as mayoral candidate, they'd genuinely be able to give the electorate a choice, a choice so badly lacking to date between the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour.

These three Lib Dems don't offer anything that Red Ken doesn't already.

Kevin Davis

So the Lib Dems are clearly not taking this very seriously.

Who are these people?

Paddick is dreadful - he even talks like a policeman!

Tim Roll-Pickering

Conservative Man: It's not STV, it's Supplemntary Vote, one of the most deviously devised election systems known to mankind.

Paul Kennedy

Don't know why they have bothered.


So will Labour voters be happy putting one of these as a second choice to our candidate?

If I was you, Conservative Man, I'd be more worried the other way- ie LibDems giving their 2nd pref to Livingstone.

Conservative Man

Comstock - point taken

Mike Giggler, via email

Clicking on her link:

"Chamali Fernando, hidden from script disabled browsers"

Is that a prerequisite for the Lib Dem shortlist? Seems harsh.

Daniel VA

Wow, the Liberal Democrats really have been presented with an embarrassment of riches... or should that read 'a richness of embarrassments'?

I have to admit to some surprise that Lembit Opik didn't put himself forward, so I suppose the Liberal Democrats will have to plump for Brian Paddick in order to get some media coverage.


If Paddick gets it, it could open up a gap in the 'market' for more conservative LD voters that Boris could go for.

But in any event this election is largely about LD 2nd preference votes.

Moral minority

"a dizzy queeny ex-cop from somewhere South of the River"

I am surprised that such a nasty and homophobic remark was approved the moderators. Justin Hinchcliffe calls for abusive posters to be banned. He should be banned for such a post that brings the Conservative Party and this site into disrepute.


Moral Minority, Paddick has used the term 'queen' to describe himself.


'Dizzy' presumably refers to his liberal policies on canabis, which are going to fall under the spotlight in this campaign.

Graeme Archer

Paddick is *ridiculous*. If the LDs select him then it is great news for the Conservatives.

Moral Minority, I think Justin was quite kind to Paddick. I would refer to him as [self-censored in order to attain publication]. The man was responsible for one of the worst experiments in modern urban life (drug policing in Lambeth). Like all leftwingers, he loves experimenting with other people's lives, and if it leaves a trail of destruction in its wake - hey! it was worth it for all that raw sociological data, no?

And don't forget it was he who saw it as his primary duty, the day after Islamic terrorists killed scores of Londoners, to tell us that it was wrong to call these Islamic terrorists Islamic. Or terrorists, probably. It's one of my shell-shocked memories of that awful time, managing to get home, managing to contact the friends and loved ones dispersed across the city, and switching on the TV to see Paddick delivering his grim-faced little lecture on correctness.

He's the worst sort of stupid leftwing big-L Liberal (ie illiberal), over-educated beyond his intellectual capabilities in any and all of the currently fashionable nostrums. Heaven only knows why he decided to become a police officer, though I wouldn't rule out that he saw a niche ("I'm gay! I'm left-ish! I'll be such a hit with the Guardian!") and went for it. I certainly can't believe he has ever been motivated by anything so old-fashioned as keeping London safe.

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