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Moral minority

"as a formally adviser to campaign"
Plain English please!

Let's hope that Boris does not call her children "piccaninnies".


"Boris may be the frontrunner but he's failing to impress at the moment..." Out of date, Editor. See Graeme Archer's and my (Londoner's) report on the Ilford hustings (earlier thread). He was excellent there. As a late starter out of the stalls, he's needed the first furlong or two to get the wind in his chest but is now fully in his stride, and his breeding and intelligent running will make him a strong finisher. It was a pity the highest profile hustings came first when he still needed the run.

Moral minority: if you are a well-wisher to our party, don't keep repeating the Livingstone camp's lines. By doing so, you appear intent on confirming our status as the "stupid party".


This needs clarification, and quickly. Could this be a rumour started by supporters of one of the Other Candidates with the intention of damaging Boris?

london conservative


Justin Hinchcliffe

"This needs clarification, and quickly. Could this be a rumour started by supporters of one of the Other Candidates with the intention of damaging Boris?" - PTC.

Absolutely not! I have confirmed by source to the Deputy Editor.


I think PTC was joking Justin.

When selected he should also appoint Warwick Lightfoot as his deliverer of reform of the Metropolitan Police and/or his budget supremo and Andrew Boff as his adviser on housing and inner City regeneration. When I said to him last night that he should ensure that he keeps his rivals fully engaged in important roles, he nodded, which I take as a positive confirmation that he agrees with me in every particular.

Henry Mayhew - Ukipper

Oh dear. I wish she could just be described in terms of her obvious talents without the need to mention tokenism.

Moral minority



Actually, I wasn't joking. I find it hard to believe any serious candidate would consider that appointing LC as his/her deputy would enhance their campaign.


Sorry chaps, but Lurline really doesn't have an idea about anything but her own image. Word is that at the selection interviews she was so hopeless the panel had a hard time keeping straight faces.

Alex Crowley

As ever Justin Hinchcliffe knows not of what he speaks.

The Deputy Mayor has to be a member of the London Assembly. Lurline is not a member of the London Assembly, and therefore cannot be Deputy Mayor if Boris wins.

He could appoint her as an advisor and simply call her Deputy Mayor, but she would have none of the constitutional powers associated with the role.

Justin Hinchcliffe

"As ever Justin Hinchcliffe knows not of what he speaks" - Alex Crowley.

Nastyness aside, I think you'll find that I did not suggest how she would be the Deputy Mayor...

Martin from MayorWatch

"He could appoint her as an advisor and simply call her Deputy Mayor, "

Actually Alex I don't think he could even do that - there has to be a DM under the GLA Act so the title is reserved for one who, as you say, is an Assembly Member.



I have heard the same as Nigel. Not sure this would be the best idea for a number of reasons...

london conservative

Martin is right that you have to be an Assembly Member to be Deputy Mayor.

C List and Proud

Just received from the Johnson campaign.

Just over a week ago, I embarked on a whistle-stop tour of London, getting a real sense of how vast, and diverse our capital is. I owe huge thanks to those around the city. Every day, I learn more about London - some of it wonderful, some harrowing.

How can anybody who thinks he can represent London expect to learn about it on a "whislte-stop tour"?

If you don't know it already, you really can't have a prayer against Livingstone.

And it hasn't really been that effective a tour either as by his own admission, he hasn't yet made it to 20/33 Boroughs!

I went to the Wandsworth hustings on Friday and Johnson confirmed that he wants to keep the Congestion Charge; wants a cabinet between him and Londoners, wants to "lower the bottom rung of the housing ladder", but can't say how; is happy for the police to ignore posession of cannabis; an doesn't even know what the strength of the Met Police is, (33,000 not 31,000).

Put that together with his well known capacity for insulting people and places with careless choice of language, his lesser known, but nevertheless public, philandering and the real risk of his reneging on his promise to step down from his Henley seat if the general election comes on 1 May next year and I'm afraid Johnson is just too much of a risk.


Now that is a revolting twist of what he really said! Shame on you.

C List and Proud

KJ - How so?

He said - and I quote because I wrote it down - "Whatever we replace the Congestion Charge with needs to be fair, green and effective". I inferred from that he is in favour of some form of congestion charging.

He said the Met Police have 31,000 officers. They have 33,200. He said "lower the bottom rung" twice, but did not explain how and he said the police should not go rooting the the sock drawers of students for cannabis. That signals to me and presumably to other young people a willingness to tolerate posession of cannabis, which is at odds with the "zero tolerance" policy he espoused in response to another question.

My main charge though remains, that as a long-standing London resident, he should not need to make a whistle-stop tour - and a pretty ineffective one it has turned out to be - he should already be engaged and involved in London political activity and should already know enough about London to not make basic mistakes.

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