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Stand Up Throw Up

Just received my fourth ballot paper for this farce.....

Adam in London


Moral minority

It is illegal (probably under European law) to change the terms and conditions of employment without the consent of the employees. If "Mayor Borwick" attempted to do so, she would have a major strike to deal with. She could also be landed with a huge legal bill.

This statement is another sign of Victoria Borwick's inexperience. She is too much of a loose cannon to be entrusted with the Mayoral nomination.

Joe James Broughton

"In the eventuality of another public transport strike Borwick believes a contingency plan should include free parking in London parks"

What a ghastly idea. Filling up our parks with cars. No way.

Victoria does, however, raise a good point about Bob Crow being on the TfL Board. Appalling.

Banning strikes in essential services is a tricky one. There's no doubt that the trade union reforms from 1979 onwards will always go down as one of the most important achievements of Margaret Thatcher, but I think banning strikes in particular services may be a big step too far.

I have little doubt these strikes are unjustified but if people really are determined to strike then that is part of the market aswell. It does cut both ways. It really rests on whether the employer can remove them all - or not.

Henry Mayhew

Quite right. Good stuff. Has Bozza the bicyclist had anything to say about this or was he not inconvenienced. Unbelievable damage to London has been caused by this strike and they are planning another one for next week.

Deputy Editor

MM, this was her statement on that, fwiw:

"Campaigning for tough new legislation that would prevent unions from disrupting essential services like the Tube network. This would include the power to force unions and employers into legally binding arbitration."


I'm not particularly happy with any proposal that removes the right to withdraw your labour/ right to strike. As JJB, this right is an important part of how a liberal market economy and a liberal society should work. Removing the right to strike is not what a Government that believes in economic or political freedom should be doing.

We may not like it but, as was shown earlier this week, there are a public transport alternatives to the tube if a strike takes place. Is the tube really an essential service?

Graeme Archer

I 100% support her spirit here, but think the 'drive to work and park in a park' idea is ... awful. I can't quite imagine that she is calling for Victoria Park (her namesake!) to be driven over by anxious commuters ... are you sure you're quoting her correctly?!

Moral minority

Deputy Editor, legislation cannot be used to alter current employment contracts. Any legislation to alter these contracts could be challenged in the courts, especially in Strasbourg. IIRC, there is a test case on the right to strike before the European Court of Justice. Its ruling, which will determine the powers of Member States on these matters, will be crucial.

However, the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the EU constitutional treaty will give further protection to workers' right to strike. Furhermore, under the constitutional treaty, European law will have supremacy over British law. So if the UK Parliament passed a law to make such strikes illegal before the constitutional treaty is ratified, the EU would force the UK to repeal the legislation.

After the constitional treaty is ratisfied, the EU will also have the power to impose new and draconian employment laws on Member States.

The Borwick pledge to campaign for a Tube strike ban is therefore worthless if Britain remains in the EU. This is yet another example of why we would be BETTER OFF OUT.


"In the eventuality of another public transport strike Borwick believes a contingency plan should include free parking in London parks and a temporary suspension of the congestion charge."

I thought she was going to scrap the CC altogether? Make up your mind, Vicky!

David Phillips

I believe this sort of policy worked in new york. whatever you think of VB, supposedly clever comments from some of these posters sum up exactly what is wrong with this site.

If anybody posting on this site has tried getting into work during a Tube strike they'll know how the power of the unions and Crow needs to be broken.

But unfortunately, knowledge of facts, or of the real world, seems to be beyond many people who post on Conservative Home.


Free parking in London's parks? Have we gone barking?

Moral minority

David, have you any real world experience of dealing with employment contracts, trade unions and strikes? I have and my post reflect that experience and the legal facts. It is you who seems to lack "knowledge of facts or of the real world".

Joe James Broughton

Her idea about using our parks as car parks on strike days really is about the most stupdid idea I've heard from anyone for a very long time. I don't think that's overstating it.

She obviously shouldn't be anywhere near the job.

bing crosby's stunt double

Train the RLC as Tube Drivers.

Then bring em in when there's a strike.

No need even for Green Goddesses.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Why did they bring this person in rather than Lee Rotherham...oh yeah my bad...she is a token. What an appallingly daft idea.

Get rid of the CC charge, then get the tubes sorted and then maybe reintroduced road charing.


I think in Germany there are no strike agreements drawn up for employees who work on the railways. Also, if memory surves me correctly, wasn't there some cash offering made to GCHQ employees in the 80's for a no strike deal?

It's something that needs to be investigated, but as someone who works in London and the effects of which the strike had on commutes, it seems the power is with the RMT at the moment.

How can management and the Mayor have allowed this situation to develop? We don't have this yearly walkout on London Buses...


Sure it was inconvenient, but previous legal changes, combined with semi-privatisation, have drawn much of the teeth from these sorts of strikes anyway, because secondary action from those not directly involved isn't allowed. As a result, this week some major tube lines were working throughout (inc Northern & Jubilee lines, between them serving the West End, City & Docklands), surface local trains continued to serve large parts of the capital; and the buses cannot strike in sympathy.

It occasionally tested Londoners' ingenuity, and allowed them to discover routes they previously did not know of, but not a great deal more than that. Outsiders who don't know their way around so well might have been worse affected. This had the advantage of being able to affect insoucience when passing demused out-of-towners and recent arrivals crowded outside some of the closed stations. (Oh, how I like to live up to my arrogant Londoner stereoptype!)

Ironically some of the worst effects were probably increased congestion - which Victoria's idea of turning central parks into car parks would only aggravate. Is she really saying it would be popular with her constituents in Campden Ward, Kensington, for Kensington Gardens to become a car magnate for every vehicle west of London, rather than its usual pleasant self?

So I am afraid that Victoria's remedies are sledgehammers to crack a nut. She would have been better to suggest that everyone follows Boris's example and at least has a bike in reserve. Much more important is to work out how to make the transport system work better when it's all running. I'd love to see this site ask each candidate to provide 300 words on that.


Did I read that correctly? Is she seriously suggesting that each time the tube drivers go on strike that we trun Regents Park, Green Park, St james Park etc into car parks? What an awful idea. It sounds like she is just making it up as she goes along.

Can you seriously imagine her taking on Ken Livingstone and winning?

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