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I quite agree. Surely the whole point is to encourage genuine Conservatives to vote for our candidate. Why not make it £2 to give our funds a boost if that is necessary. We should do all we can to discourage our opponents from influencing the result.


Hmm ... it is puzzling indeed.

Have there been any opinion polls on who Londonders (or party members in London) support amongst the four Declared Tory candidates?

I would have thought that support for Boris Johnson in this Primary would be running at something like 90% amongst Londonders and maybe around 70% amongst party members? (Don't ask me to explain the percentages -- it's just a hunch, but I may be wrong!)

Mr Angry

I think that Caroloine Spellman's letter is actually a mistake. By saying that the £1.50 does not cover the costs of the exercise she is encouraging those who would like to cost the Tory party money to take part where they may have been discouraged from doing so if they thought it was resulting in cash going to the Party.

Alan S

This is the first time I have even noticed Caroline do anything since she became Party Chairman. She's been anonymous until now.


As opposed to Francis Maude who's ever-presence made me come close to putting a daily brick through my television...

top of the shot

London Chairman were told that the cost of each call was £1.39, leaving just 11 p for postage etc. In other words it does run at a loss.


I don't like to state the obvious, but unless they're saying the true variable administration cost of casting one vote is less than 1.50 minus standard calling charges, then the money is going to the Conservative party. Just to reduce losses rather than make a profit.


Wilted Rose - we have a poll on our website. The current standings are

Andrew Boff - 40%
Victoria Borwick - 5%
Boris Johnson - 54%
Warwick Lightfoot - 2%

Mary Hinge

That may be a smallish sample but confirms my view this is a two horse race. The K&C councillors should back out now to avoid humiliation.

Flaming Heck

The Two Ronnies ran a joke in the 1970's along the lines of "Last night the Kremlin suffered a break in and next years election results were stolen". The process will duly elect Boris Johnson and I hope he proves to be a good candidate. I am confused by the ranking of candidates and rather disinterested in the process. I might add a fifth candidate (one of the eliminated candidates Simon Fawthrop for example) in the hope that my confusion can be noted by further confusion!

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