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Matthew Scott

Such desperation!

michael mcgough

This morning's METRO shows Red Ken and a bunch of assorted hangers on revealing his lates 'vote acquisition' scam------------------------ half price fares for those on income support.As delightful a choice as Boris may be it will be an uphill struggle to beat this sort of largesse.

Paul Oakley

If only he WAS a Tebbit. Never mind.

Graham D'Amiral

If this is Labour's only strategy of fighting Boris, by claiming he is somekind of right wing hardliner then I think they have their work cut out. I suspect if you stopped most Londoners in the street and asked for a sentence that summed up their view of Boris, not many would choose "dangerously right wing".

If Labour want to play a game of exchanging insults about past remarks, we might mention Ken Livingstone calling the President of the United States the most dangerous man in the world, or accusing a jewish man of acting like "a Nazi concentration camp guard" or his inference that Trevor Phillips views wouldn't be out of place in the BNP, we might make an issue of him inviting to London dangerous extremists giving them a platform for their repugnant views on many issues.

I doubt any of this would impress Londoners though who might be more interested in knowing what the candidates can do for London in the future than what they have said in the past.


Daily Mail - 2.4 million copies a day
Guardian - 300,000 copies a day

Why is the Conservative party worried about Kenny and his chums?

See the current thread: Life on Daily Mail Island


And then we have the Evening Standard with whom newtboy has a fabulous ongoing love affair.

Tony Makara

The fact the supporters of Red Ken are attempting to place the race card just goes to show how Boris Johnson has them worried. Very worried. Slander is distasteful at the best of times and slander without justification is even worse. The remarks about 'Watermelon smiles' were innocent and fun. Anyone who regularly reads Boris Johnsons articles will know that he has a gift for seeing the irony in stereotypes and enjoys pointing them out, all in the name of flippant jocularity. In a world where life is too damn serious at times its good to have a Boris Johnson around to bring us all back down to earth with a smile. The attempts by the sour-faced left to present Boris as being some sort of racist and sexist are ridiculous. The good people of London will soon see through their smears and accept Boris Johnson at face value.

Sally Roberts

Doesn't this group realise that when Boris makes his "controversial" remarks he is merely being provocative? And it certainly works, doesn't it?

I think there is a lot more to Boris than many give him credit for and that is why the Left are attacking him - out of fear.


No one is telling untruths about Boris. he writes and says these things and makes no bones about it. DC was stupid for putting him in this position.

I am afraid that we are being haunted by the same tactics we used against "Red Ken" in the 1980s. We perfected this. Now we have to let the people of London decide which odd-bod they want - I just don't think that Boris's odd-boddishness will go down well in London.

Martin Wright

Fortunately the majority of London votors will not be misled by this increasingly desperate hectoring. Boris is sufficiently well known to be recognised as both likeable and highly intelligent.

If by "old fashioned" his detractors mean that he is not a total sucker for every politically correct nostrum, then that's all to the good and will be welcomed by London's silent and unseen (in the Guardian, on the BBC) majority.


I suspect this attack will gain Labour as much resonance as the 'Chameleon' attacks on Cameron did.ie Nothing.
Personalized attacks need to be based in truth and to describe Boris as Tebbitt in a clown's costume is total boll****. They know it,we know it. It does seem that Labour and their apologists in the Guardian are fearful of a defeat for Livingstone doesn't it?


"The Mirror complains about Cameron's attack on Brown!!"

This statement appears on the main page. On this page you say that some sections of the media do not like the Party or its candidates. Yes! Why are you shocked. The media is full of bias - some for us, some against us.

Did anyone really think that some sections of media would not attack Boris? If anyone feels/felt that Boris was/is going to have an easy ride then get your coat and leave now.

Michael McGowan

Just keep pumping out the obvious points about how much money Livingstone has squandered; Kinnock's line about Ken being only in it for himself; and lots of quotes from Ken's Jew-baiting, homophobic, wife-beating friends, not to mention Gerry Adams.

Ali Gledhill

Tearing into the opposition is hardly a piece of tactical brilliance for Ken Livingstone: Londoners already know that they don't like him. This sort of cheap attack only lowers the debate to a personal sparring match.

Come to think of it, didn't Livingtone say he didn't want a personality contest? It's good to see him living up to his promises once again!


The 2008 Mayoral campaign represents a considerable opportunity provided that Brown does not plump for this autumn for the big one.

Boris is a walking (or cycling) media opportunity and the build up will be a protracted and invigorating celebrity bunfight at media centre stage. And we have been gifted Red Ken as the target of opportunity with his far more repellent backstory.

Amiable, media savvy, Conservatism versus Hamas hugging old school socialism.


Michael McGowan

You are spot on.

Sadly, and this is a lifelong problem, Tim cannot understand why people do not naturally vote Tory. He cannot understand why Labour have won and now he cannot understand why Brown is doing so well or why Boris is being attacked. To not share, what he sees as a logical opinion, makes you in some way defective.

Ash Faulkner

Oh god, this is fantastic. I'm reading Compass' report on 'hard Tory rightwinger' Boris.

Here's some of his political views they point out.

- Fanatical support for the Iraq war
- Supporting both the election of George W Bush in 2000 and
his re-election in 2004 (apparently you're on the hard right if you support Bush, now)
- Defends privatisation of the railways (is John Major on the hard right, then?)
- Attacks the welfare state as ‘excessive disbursements that
warp honest people’ (err...yeah, and he's right)
- Wants to introduce the private sector into the NHS and
believes patients should pay more (Labour should look to their dear leaders...PFI, anyone?)

At least we can rest assured that a total of four people will bother to read Compass' selective 'report'. Still, it'll give all of us a good laugh.

Tory Nick

Neil Kinnock's parliamentary putdown to heckling Tory backbencers comes to mind here:

"They attack us, because they are scared of us".

Only in Boris' case it is true.

The Left just cannot stand it that we have a candidate in London who might actually appeal to Livingstone's Rainbow Coalition of Misfits.


The Compass is not being fair, but it just goes to show how desperate -- and running scared -- is Labour.

Red Ken + Boris = Con Gain.


Boris needs a better and more professional press team. If he's not careful his campaign will be railroaded before he is selected.

Steve Smith

Does anyone think that Livingstone and his chums are thick? The mayoral election is not won on first preference votes, but on the transfered second preferences of eliminated candidates ie Libdems and assorted minor candidates.
Livingstone desperately wants the Conservative candidate least likely to hoover up second preference votes from other candidates.
Livingstone therefore wants to herd voters in our primary election in the direction of the candidate least likely to get transfered votes ie the candidate he says he fears the most. Clever clever.
However check out some of the traffic on compassonline where they are suggesting the Conservative candidate best able to get second preference transfer votes is Andrew Boff. Do they have a point? After all, the electorate in the primary is very different to the electorate whose second preferences we need.


Ah, but does he know that we know if he bigs up the hoax threat then the real threat is a bluff that will hoover second preference votes from a hoax threat that was the real threat in the primary vote. Or something.

Bojo for Mayor!


I think that we're underestimating the Labour machine as usual.
We've been doing it for over a decade now.
The question should be : How do you counter their accusations?
You can't just sit there and ignore an attack. Or if you do, it should be after a long period of reflection and discussion.
We are being far too amateur about this. Labour always bring a scientific/academic aproach to campaigning. We seem to always "wing it" nowadays. No wonder we get pulverised. Labour find a successful tactic and they repeat it over and over again and mash us with it. They've done this character destruction before very effectively. So why wouldn't it work again, if we don't protect Boris?

Graeme Archer

I think we should ask ourselves why Labour are bigging up Boris in this way (by attacking him with such a ridiculous charge). I think the comments in places like Compass make it clear that in fact they're more frightened of Boff than Boris!


I never know what a sound bloke Boris was until I read this report. Boris should use it in his own material, it just proves what we'e always known, lefties have no sense of humour

Sean Fear

To successfully go negative on someone, you need something to go on. In the case of Boris Johnson, trying to portray him as a right wing extremist just doesn't work, because it only persuades people who are already convinced that all Conservatives are right wing extremists.

C List and Proud

Errrrr.....HELLO!?!? Is anybody out there in Toryland actually thinking?

Livingstone is CLEVER. Most of London may think that BoJo (daft name - really daft) is already the Tory candidate, but Livingstone knows he is not and that he has to win a vote in which the vast majority of participants will be the pre-registered Conservative Party members. So what does he do?

He stands up and makes out Boris if a real threat, that he is the man he fears, even to the extent of getting all his left-wing mates to line up and criticise him. Why? Because he wants Boris to be our candidate, because he knows he will beat him,precisely because he will be perceived as an upper-class Tory Twit by the vast majority of the real electorate come May 1 next year.


london conservative

We can't have a candidate for Mayor of London who supports Section 28. This is an absolute disgrace and a big step back in terms of what the party stands for in this city.

Our candidate has to win over second preference votes from non-Conservatives to win this election. There's no way someone with views like this can do that.


Boff, Lightfoot and Borwick, whatever their qualities, were an irrelevance the moment Boris put his hat into the ring.

We spent a year twisting in the wind having thought up this ridiculous London-wide primary idea and then having no big name. When, more by luck than judgement, we got a top-drawer name we should have moved heaven and earth to persuade the other three to pull out and back Boris immediately.

Labour are having a three month free shot at what is clearly our eventual candidate while three worthy but complete unknowns continue to maintain the charade of a selection process.

If you disagree can you please tell me on what planet Boff Lightfoot and Borwick could ever beat Livingstone??

They should pull out now.

Shame on CCHQ for allowing this shambles, they are quick enough to foist the appalling Tony Lit on us in a by-election but lack the guts to do the screaming obvious here


And just in case Who Killed Kenny fails to provoke the selection of Baron von Boris with his masterplan of cunningly engineered tactical genius beyond the realms of mere mortals he will muster his legion of anamatronic newts to post at Conservative Home with the reverse message. Just in case. Like. Because you never know. Do you?


Must choose the celebrity ... must have a "top drawer" name .. sod the practical experience of the other three ... lets choose someone who is famous even though we dont know what they will DO as Mayor.... Lets adopt the same criteria that gave us Jeffry Archer. Another Gin and Tonic anyone?

John Moss

Let's set aside the terrible insult to all those candidates who originally applied by the original deadline and were effectively told they weren't good enough and applaud the fact that Boff and Borwick are going for it, both for the third time I believe.

This fascination with having a Big Name is misplaced. The Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London becomes a Big Name by default.

I seem to recall we managed to select a Big Name before, despite doubts about his probity, only for it all to crash about our ears a few weeks later, or has everybody forgotten the name Archer?

I'm not saying Mr Johnson is bad, just palpably mad and not at all likely to appeal to the electorate we have to persuade in order to win.

James Wright

Boris Johnson is just not ready for an election like this.

His views don't transfer from Henley on Thames and the Telegraph's editorial page to London. And his campaign is non-existent while the opposition fires shots every day.

Can't we have someone who knows what they're doing, and who is ready to do it now?

Graeme Archer

Andrew Boff is not a 'complete unknown' 'treacle' - ask the Labour party in the various inner and outer London boroughs who've lost to him over the last few decades. The point of the primary process is to give London voters the chance to examine the potential candidates in close-up detail. I think the idea that the nomination is Boris Johnson's, because the idiots who run the Standard have heard of him and have written about him, is rubbish. The idiots at the Standard are manipulated thus: they will back whoever will get rid of Livingstone. Let's use our primary process to work out who is best placed to do that. Unless we've got a candidate comfortably scoring 50% plus on the "who would you vote for?" opinion poll question, we need to think a lot more strategically than we usually do in candidate selection - who will pick up the most first AND SECOND choices. I don't feel that it's automatically Boris (estimable, wonderful man that he is!) - I think we need this primary process to do that selection properly and I think that Andrew Boff will emerge as the winner from it. He has more London-ness - in buckets - than the other three added together.


Does anybody know what Boris will do as Mayor? All the other three have policies.
I remember the very first Mayoral selection when we ignored what people were saying and just became overwhelmed by celebrity. The outcome wasnt all together favourable.


Surely the time to assess what Boris will do as mayor is at the hustings when the candidates can present their policies? Boris is overseas at the moment putting together credible policies by observing what goes on elsewhere.

In the meantime the left keep up these desperate attempts to smear him. And they could be conter-productive...

See this:


london conservative

"Does anybody know what Boris will do as Mayor?"

No. Boris Johnson does not know himself.

The Huntsman

I have just had an idle and wicked thought.

Why not Norman Tebbit for Mayor?

Now that would make them all blow a gasket....

I apologise for wasting space on the impossible but delicious.


Graeme, i'm hoping that Andrew is paying you lots for making the daft comments that you been saying on this site. The latest on London-ness shows how low you can go when you support a candidate who couldn't even win a quarter of the vote in a Mayor election.
We all know that Boris because of high profile is favourite but on actually doing things in London at a Government Level Warwick would be ahead. The voters then have to decide do they want substance or style as their candidate. In 94 the voters in the US said substance, hopefully also London will say the same.


Boff increased his Mayoral (in HACKNEY, not Henley) vote by 66% last year.
After being tipped to become the rector of the University of Edinburgh Boris came THIRD after failing to attract more than a handful of second preference votes.
Labour Blogger Chris Paul wrote:
"The idea that Labour might disrupt the Tory selection as Tory Boy Bloggers suggest and STOP Boris being the candidate is quite extraordinary. Even Warwick who is seeking some different job is more of a threat. And Boff would be a real threat, reminding of old Robocop in the North East."



Colin didn't mention Hackney, but again is less than 25% good enough to show that he could beat Ken. My answer is no? Seems Graeme you are quick to attack others but can never back up you own comments, what a shame.

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