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Alan S

The most important thing is that Boris faces challengers of sufficient calibre to ensure he's ready for battle with Livingstone.

Jennifer Wells

It is a great shame that Lee Rotherham has been dropped. He had some good ideas for London.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Yes, it is a shame but not surprising. He actually had some decent ideas for London.


I think that DC's wish to avoid a coronation for Boris is spot-on; a simple and elegant contrast with Brown's elevation and (presumably) Livingstone's re-adoption by acclamation.

Londoners will adore the Big Brother premium rate phone voting, the smiles and tears...

The Sir Tufty Bufton mystery candidate from the Corporation is a bit odd; surely every Alderman books his place in the succession for the Lord Mayor's Parade (and then tries very hard not to die too soon)?

Or is he (surely not a she) to be some straw man representing privilege, waiting for the bold Master Johnson to sweep him aside?

Adam Tugwell

This is a difficult one. I would like to see Boris through and running. However, I'm sure that the other candidates would like their opportunity to have a go and deservedly so, especially as Boris has come through so late and most of them had previously declared. It's the right time for Boris to show why he's the best man for the job.


"an Alderman from the City of London."

Few people are both admired and loathed than those who work in the City of London.

Graeme Archer

I am very pleased to see Andrew Boff on the shortlist. Go back and read his 100Policies piece. It is fitting that his ideas will be platformed during the primary process. Forgive "platformed"!


I don't see a serious rival to Boris tbh Borwick is proberbly the next strongest from what I've read, but 'brand name' should see Boris walk the public vote.

Henry Mayhew - ukipper / delusional conservative

Lightfoot is also an excellent individual. Been brilliant in K & C. I really hope that if unsuccessful at the hustings he is invited to join the Boris bandwagon.

Alex Agius.

Good to see that Lurline Champagnie made it through. Lurline to win!!

Paul Oakley

Lee Rotherham kicked off? What a swizz.


I am glad that Lurline Champagnie has made it through, she is just the kind of person i would love to see as Mayor of London. She gave a speech recently and it made me proud again to be Conservative. If she gets the media attention that she deserves i think she would be a far better candidate than the buffoon toff Boris, who has very little appeal outside the party.

Olympic Catastrophe

I am somewhat concerned that having only 2 or 3 names on the ballot will make it easier for outsiders to have an adverse impact on the open primary. Let all 6 run and it would be harder for the Lab/Lib's to unite behind their preffered candidate.


Alderman Bob Hall - runs the Heath and is one of the few with a track record in Cons politics - Leader Cons group on Harigey in 1980s... Maybe its him


I think that was the name suggested to me, HighgateBoy - thank you.


Don't know about Boff but his site features a big drip on loop so I have to wonder about his political antennae!

It's really hard to make a fair judgment of the candidates so far.

Borwick has been the most high-profile (on the net at least) and seems generally competent, although I hate the red head slogan.

Lightfoot has a good site but I don't really see much more there so far, and I'm awkwardly reminded of the 'Yes Minister' sketch Margaret Thatcher wrote where she proposed to abolish economists.

I like a lot of what Lurline Champagnie has been saying on cultural cohesion, and she can speak from real experience. Her site is a bit verbose but I like the optimism that comes out in the press I've seen of her. She's the candidate, outside Boris, who seems the most promising at this early stage.


Kris, I am outside the party. I am yearning for the opportunity to vote for Boris. From my conversations today, I am one of very many.

Frank McGarry

When the next Conservative government is elected the London 'government'will be abolished along with all the other regional governments - and power will be returned to the local councils. Lee Rotherham seemed to be the only candidate making this clear so it's a shame he has not made the shortlist.


I'm outside the party too (having been involved at uni), and this is once instance where I feel that Boris will have no problems winning against Ken (assuming no major fluff ups). I know lots of people who will vote for Boris who take no interest in politics.


From the Party website today

"Boris Johnson, the Henley MP and former Shadow higher Education Minister, was the last to put his hat in the ring before Monday's noon deadline for applications. Other contenders who have publicly launched their campaigns include Winston Mckenzie, Simon Fawthrop, Victoria Borwick, Warwick Lightfoot, Andrew Boff, Lurline Champagnie, and Lee Rotherham.

They will now compete with more than 40 others seeking the chance to run against Labour Mayor Ken Livingstone who is pitching for a third term in the contest next spring.

A panel of Party officials will now sift through the list of potential candidates, selecting about nine or ten to go forward to the interview stage.

The interviews will be conducted by an electoral college, made up of leading London Conservatives, during the coming weekend. The college will draw up a short list of between 2 and 5 candidates, which will be announced at some point over the weekend."

Editor, are you sure that your story is right?

Cllr Keith Standring

I don't have a vote, but if I had it would be for Boris Johnson. He is bright, intelligent, has a real personality, is responsive to the needs of the people, and media attractive.

All rather different to the present Mayor and as far as I can assess, the other Conservative candidates.

Nicholas Coleman

What about Simon Fawthrop or Lee Rotherham - both stirling candidates and excellent guys.

Were they knicked by the A-list brigade - and also much more likely to beat Ken than some of those selected.

Is there an appeals process, or should be have a drive to fundraise for a legal challenge to this?


"Confused" has a point - but if he's right then yet again the Party has moved the goalposts - and for what benefit?

In an email of 31st May, Matthew Carrington, Regional Chairman said:
"the Vetting Committee plus the Area Management Executive Committees, in all about 20 people. It will meet on Sat 21 July, to interview the long list of about 10 and shortlist them down to between 2 and 5 candidates to go forward to the hustings"

What harm can come from interviewing 10 (or more) candidates?

Surely it must make sense to exchange campaign themes and strategies in a friendly but closed forum?

On LBC recently, Ken Livingstone said "Before I became Leader of the GLC, I was a complete non-entity".

Finally, where are the majority of Conservative voters - and what will make them turn out to vote?

Do any of the "6" have the background and the will to lead on suburban themes rather than focus on Zone 1 ?


Disappointed Lee isn't there. This primary looks unlikely to stimulate interest or debate.

Jack A. Naughrie

Gill - Lurline Champagnie is from Pinner and Andrew Boff was leader of Hillingdon Council. Hardly zone 1.

Rachel Joyce

Until I became the PPC for Harrow West I hadn't actually met Lurline. However I have now met her a number of times and heard her speak.
She is fantastic. She talks alot of sense, is a real personality, and is able to call Ken's bluff in a way that others are not so able to. Everything we would want in a Conservative candidate and then Mayor.
Go Lurline!

Winston McKenzie

I am disappointed, to say the least, with regard to the recent elimination process undertaken by our party. I felt sincerely that I was a strong candidate. OK, so Boris would have won, but I am certain I would have given him plenty to think about had I been Shortlisted.

I have been sidelined without call for an interview together with three other excellent candidates. What would have been so wrong with showing us the respect we so richly deserved, for all our hard effort, time, research and money spent along our respective Campaign Trails.

I came to the table with a ready-made fan base in the field of sport and am popular within the black community across Greater London. I guess that is why members on the selection panel had to create a smooth path for Boris. Good luck to him. He will need it, particularly when we meet head on, as I am intent on continuing my challenge - as an Independent Candidate.

I am sorry, but in my opinion Boris does not and will not represent the plight of the poor and needy, nor London's new multi-racial community. Neither do any of the other Candidates represent my strong views particularly with regard to gun and knife crime, and the plight of the youths dying on our streets. The hopelessness and distress caused by failure.

Not everyone has the strength or mental determination and resolve that I am gifted with.

I wish Boris and Ken all the luck in the world. They will need it!

aka The Champ


Good there is not going to be a coronation. Borwick is a very strong candidate with sound ideas.

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