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Lee is too good to be a reservist. His cutting edge ideas would light up the primary debates.

The Huntsman

Depends on what you call 'soft' drugs: if restricted to cover Class 'C' only, then fair enough.

The phrase is one which ought not to be used, in reality, it being as weaselly as the BBC's routine description of cocaine as a 'recreational drug'.


Would the shortlisted candidate who is there purely to promote their policy ideas, please withdraw for someone with something to say? Lee's platform is a truly local one which is reaching out to grassroots professionals and activists. There is much to recommend in Lee's document. I hope that other candidates are not shy to pinch his ideas where possible.


"Giving Brian Haw a peerage "

What? Does the London Mayor have *any* powers in this area?

Ash Faulkner

Interesting ideas on policing, not sure about the policy on soft drugs...hmm.

But what the heck is this about giving Brian Haw a peerage? Huh? Where did that come from?

Umbrella man

The peerage for Brian Haw is a ridiculous idea. Has Lee ever spoken to him? He's bordering on the crazy.

Original Quote

"My own personal opinion, as it happens, is that Brian Haw deserves a peerage. I don’t agree with his viewpoint, but he would prove a better choice of "People’s Peer" that the other so-called ones (notwithstanding the minor fact that the concept was originally a broadsheet’s April Fool joke a decade ago)."


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