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Iain Dale said on Five Live yesterday Paddick was a likely Lib-Dem candidate.

Finklestein has interpreted the PinkNews article somewhat differently to myself.

Andrew Ian Dodge

The key thing is to get rid of that vile Ken. I hope that the Conservatives don't let themselves be star-struck by Boris the celebrity. I am sure that those with political nouse who read this site can come up with the campaign against Boris run by Ken and hi cronies. I predict it will be a pretty nasty campaign.

Richmond Boy

Greg Dyke is known as a Lib Dem activist in Richmond Borough. There would have uproar here is we had that little lefty forced on us as the Conservative Mayoral candidate.

If Cameron had succeeded in imposing Dyke, it is likely that there would have been at least one high-profile independent Conservative candidate. An independent Conservative could have attracted massive activist support. Cameron would have looked at as stupid.

Why The Times pays Finkelstein to write such nonsense is a mystery to me. He continually has egg on his smug face.

Justin Time



Well, i hope the LibbyDems pick their usual standard of candidate for London Mayor. I would like the 'straight choice' Simon Hughes to run(for hilarity purposes). Other LibbyDem possibles: Rinka, Omar Bakri, Clement Freud's dog ( long deceased- like Ming!). They're spoilt for choice....

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