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Very, very sorry to hear this. He's a good guy and if I still lived in London would have had my vote. Get well soon Nick!

Jennifer Wells

My best wishes to you Nick.

It might be that the excellent Good Neighbours initiative will be a longer lasting legacy in due course than you realise now.

I will pray for your recovery.


SUCH a shame. He was our best chance at kicking Livingston out.
My family and I all wish Nick a full and rapid recovery.


What an accident-prone process this has become! But all Londoners will no doubt join in wishing him a strong recovery.

David Cecil

It's a tragedy that Nicholas Boles has got cancer. He's such a dynamic person, and a thoroughly decent one too.

Nick, if you're reading this then please be assured that all our prayers are with you. I'm sure you'll make a full recovery and be in a position to get back involved in the future.

James Cullis

Get well soon we need you in power

TFA Tory

I lost a close friend to Hodgkins disease. Thankfully, the treatments and prognosis are much better now. I understand that over 90% of sufferers are treated successfully.

I send Nick my best wishes and hope that he recovers fully and speedily.

Nigel Fletcher

Get well soon Nick - such a shame after all your hard work on the campaign. All the best.

Andrew Hemsted

I am very sorry to hear this. Nick came along to help in my council by-election in Chingford Green as was very helpfull and full of good ideas.

Wish him a speedy recovery

Dominic Schofield

What very sad news. My very best wishes to you Nick. Concentrate on your recovery. Your many supporters in the Party and beyond will still be there when you are better.

Jim Morris

Sad news. While I did not think that he was the right candidate against Livingstone, I wish him well for a full and speedy recovery.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Such sad news. I wish you a speedy recovery, Nick.


Lets hope Nick makes full recovery. I feel rather dejected becuase Nick appeared to be the only one amongst the declared candidates who could have thrashed Livingstone.

Simon Newman

Good luck Nick; I enjoyed meeting you in Tooting a while back.

Grant Shapps MP

By chance I went through the exact same nightmare back in 99/00.

The treatment's punishing, but the prognosis is good.

We all wish Nick well.


Matt Davis

Sad news, my best wishes for a full and swift recovery Nick.

Deborah Thomas

I'm really sorry to hear that and wish Nick a speedy recovery.

Winston McKenzie

Hi Nick,

I am dismayed to hear the news. Of all the candidates I have met recently, I felt that you would be my biggest challenger. You have amazing talents. The sincerity and honesty you portrayed throughout the campaign is something to be truly admired. Your sporting attitude is something we should all take note of. Nick, I sincerely wish both you and your family all the very best for the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me if at all I can be of any assistance in the future.

You are a real Champ - But this time you gotto come out fightin!

WINSTON McKENZIE (aka The Champ)


Very unfortunate news. Best of British, Nick, and have another go next time round!

james morris

Sorry to hear this news. Best Wishes, Nick and here's to a swift recovery.

Michael Hewlett

Sad news and I hope Nick gets better soon. I saw him speak at a recent hustings and was impressed with his original thinking.

I don't doubt he will return, most probably as an MP.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Perhapes, when Nick's better, we can send him to the Lords? He has real talent - unlike the Warsi woman.

Michael McGowan

Very sorry to hear about this and hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery.

Victoria Borwick

I have just heard the sad news about Nick Boles's illness. It is a dreadful setback to his political career and we are are all the poorer for his absence from the field of aspiratn mayoral candidates. He will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. I have no doubt that he will soon be back in the political frontline, making his distinctive and talented contribution to the work of the Conservative Party.

Laura-Rose Saunders

I am very sorry to hear this, I hope Nick makes a swift and full recovery and will go on to lead a very happy life here after!

Graeme Archer

What shocking news -- very very best wishes to Nick, who seems like a lovely man.

Susannah Frieze

This is bloody awful news but you know, Nick, that there's a lot of us out here who will back you in any campaign you run in the future. The Party needs people of your integrity, steadfastness and grit and I look forward to seeing you, as soon as possible, in the political limelight you deserve.

Neil Reddin

Get well soon Nick - there be plenty more battles to fight in the future.

Rachel Joyce

My best wishes for the treatment and recovery - looking forward to working with you on your return.

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