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Mary Hinge

I think you need to clarify that only those on the electoral roll in a London Borough can register.

Anthony Frieze

I have just forwarded the registration number for the mayoral selection to numerous contacts and it has been reported to me that there is a voice message to the effect the service is no longer available!
Can you check please,

Stand Up Throw Up

Anyone know how many members we have in London??

Kensington Lad

Genius... so basically it is a money-making exercise!


One of the few membership benefits that we had was the sole right to select candidates. Now any registered voter can participate in selections. You can save £18.50 by letting your membership and registering to vote by phone.

That will appeal to many members who are tight for cash or simply do not like Our Dear Leader who (according to the Ealing ballot paper) now considers the Party to be his personal property.

BTW, my Lib Dem neighbours are planning to register to vote for the weakest candidate. They think that £1.50 to stuff Boris is cheap. He may not be a shoo-in after all!

Stand Up Throw Up

Spot on Dismayed. At £1.50 a go our opponents will be falling over themselves to get Victoria on board.


Genius... so basically it is a money-making exercise!

Far be it from me to defend to Tory party, but I doubt they will make much money out of this. From the £1.50 has to come the cost of sending out the ballot papers, plus all the admin for the primary.


Who is going to be stupid enough to pay £1.50 plus to vote in this ballot? No doubt the result will be subject to a final decision by the Conservative Party.


Sorry, I forgot. It is likely to be Conservative supporters who will pay up.

london conservative

I think our opponents may be disappointed if they think they will get the chance to vote for Victoria Borwick. Remember: the hustings will determine which two of four candidates go on the ballot paper. Johnson and Boff are the two likely winners of that contest, so voters who don't wish us well will have a more complicated decision to make than simply backing Victoria Borwick.

John McGreggor

Lurline's no.2 was on the tube today carrying a roll of "Back Boris" stickers.



" Remember: the hustings will determine which two of four candidates go on the ballot paper."

I thought all four of these now went to a final vote, with the husting to help people decide which way to vote.

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