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Having heard Lurline speak at Conference many times, I wish her well in her bid to run for Mayor of London

Inside Out

Mad as a box of frogs, but what the hell. Why not? Lurline is different and actually quite fun.

Alykhan Kassam

Lurline sems like a great candidate - as a young person interested in politics, I think she has the potential to move this city in the right direction.

TFA Tory

I like Her impressive list of supporters but we have to be realistic. Lurline is a lovely and enthusiastic activist but she does not have the necessary experience for such a big job.

With Nick Boles dropping out due to his serious illness, the list of declared candidates is alarmingly thin and lightweight. We desperately need an experienced big hitter to defeat Red Ken.

Steve Norris seems to need his large corporate salary. If he will not run, the party is in big trouble. Any ideas?

M. Anon

If she, as Andrew Rosindell implies, thinks the biggest problem London and its Mayor faces is whether the Union Jack flies over City Hall, she may have a big shock coming when it comes to the election.


If Lurline's horizons are as limited as Rosindell's and this is the best we can do, God help us.

TFA Tory

Cameron is obviously unimpressed. According to Nick Robinson, he wants to draft Boris Johnson. Desperate times require desperate Old Etonians!

Borwick, Lightfoot, McKenzie, Champagnie etc should save their money and close down their campaigns. There will be no open primary. Cameron will not let them stand and is determined to impose his own candidate.

Party democracy RIP!


All things considered, Lurline would be a better candidate than Boris

Reagan Fan

Exactly what things are you considering to come up with that bizarre conclusion?!

James Thurnham

"Mad as a box of frogs" Indeed. Unfortunately, that is a disqualification.


Reagan fan,

I was considering what our choice of candidate would say about the Conservative Party?

Choosing Boris or Norris would confirm some unhelpful stereotypes.

Lurline Champagnie, on the other hand, would not. Am I only saying that coz she is black? Well, yes -- to large extent I am. In the absence of a heavyweight candidate capable of beating Livingstone, we might as well have one that changes public perceptions of the Conservative Party.


Unless Rozzer's planning on floating the Mayoral offices wouldn't it be the Union flag she raises on her victory? You'd have thought someone of Rozzer's flag-waving experience would have known it's only the Union jack on a boat...

Roger Evans

There are three flagpoles at City Hall, so we could fly the Union Flag, the George Cross and Something Else...

Justin Hinchcliffe

Lurline would be my second choice after Norris. I wish her luck.


Genuine Conservative - are you suggesting a lynching here?

Roger Evans

I certainly wasn't suggesting we lynch anyone. Let's just get more votes.


Roger, I was not saying YOU were suggesting a lynching - I was referring to a comment by Genuine Conservative who had replied to your post. That comment is now deleted, so my post does not make any sense in this context. I am glad that the Genuine Conservative post is deleted, and congratulate the website for removing it.

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