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Tony Sharp

I would like to see Boris Johnson run for Mayor, but I cannot fault Lee Rotherham's policy planks noted above. Under Livingstone the Mayoralty has become a vast subsidised ego trip and self publicity machine. The story should be London, not the Mayor. Whoever wins the party nomination to run for Mayor, I hope they share Dr Rotherham's cost cutting agenda.


Errr doesn't Chris Heaton-Harris have his hands full being an MEP and candidate for Daventry?


If the party considered policy important it would realise the inherent logic of Lee's proposals. He'll definitely be the dark horse to watch during the campaign

Sally Roberts

I think this would be an excellent role for Chris!

James Harper


Rob Wilkins

I agree that there is much unnecessary bureaucracy associated with Livingstone's office, and any Tory mayoral hopeful must look to address this issue. However, I would have thought that it would take an Act of Parliament to abolish the mayoralty, so I'm not quite sure that Lee Rotherham would be able to fulfil his main policy objective if elected to the post. I'm not an expert though and am sure others will correct me if I'm wrong.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Well it would be interesting to see what happens if he gets elected. If you agree with it why not make sure he wins and then you can find out.


A great role for Chris - if anyone can expose the waste, he can.


Surely Rotherham's abolitionist stance is at odds with your plans for mayors in other cities?

Daniel Hannan

A fizzingly good idea from a much under-rated mayoral candidate. It's to Lee's credit that he made the offer, and to Chris's that he accepted.


If I had a vote, Lee would get it. Surely he stands for exactly the principles which should underpin the Conservative approach to government.

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