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This is so pathetically humiliating. No self respecting external candidate (anyone who isnt a policy wonk or party apparatchik or a K&C Councillor)ie the only cnadidate who has a chance of winning, is gonna want to go thru this rigmarole.

A dirty, behind closed doors deal with the right candidate is what is required, a bit of leadership. If Daaaavve thinks that this system will "engage" the electorate he is sadly lacking in the most basic judgement.

This electon will turn the party into (even more of) a laughing stock.

DOnt they realise how important the Mayoral race is?


Given the way Dave has mad such a total horlicks of this, my money is on the leadership's Tory candidate being Trevor Phillips. Should give all good Conservatives something to vote for.

Jacques Zrippa

Why Suella Fernandes and James Morris?

Roger Evans

Good to see that there will be five official hustings all around town. This will give the finalists who are not 'names' a chance to raise their profiles. Personally I would like to see some unofficial hustings organised by local activists in addition - these might provide some useful opportunities to raise campaign funds.

topm of the shot

How will this leaflet be delivered?

After totalling ignoring Conservative Members, I dont think many will be willing to deliver it. This would mean a professional delivery company would have to be used - and at what cost !

Matt Davis

Sorry but who are Suella Fernandes and James Morris and why are they on the Vetting Committee?

And no I'm not being sarcastic or something I genuinely don't know, or perhaps just don't remember, who they are and this is a genuine question.

Mark Fielding

James Morris??? Isn't he the person who thought up the ridiculously unworkable original timetable that had to be abandoned?

How about some people with political commonsense? If he's not running, Steve Norris should be on it--although we may yet need him to save us from the likes of Victoria Borwick and Nicholas Boles.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Suella Fernandes and James Morris - indeed. Who elected them?


Suella is a barmaid turned Conservative candidate. She will help identify candidates who are aproachable enough to share a drink with down the pub.

James Morris writes about the need for democracy in the Conservative Party (stifle your giggles that person two rows from the back). He also is to do with Mind the Gap, which has nothing to do with transport.

Mary Hinge

Putting names to positions gives us:

Matthew Carrington Regional Chairman
Peter Golds North East London Area Chairman
Andy Jennings South London Area Chairman
Janice Lavery North West London Area Chairman
Caroline Roberts Regional Deputy Chairman
Jacqui Lait Shadow Minister for London
Angie Bray Assembly Group Leader
Merrick Cockerill London Councils leader
Ian Sanderson Regional Director

I am not sure what the other two add given that five of the above were elected by the party membership, three are leaders of the key stakeholder (I hate that word) groups and one is the party professional who oversees the whole affair.

Get rid of James Morris and Suella Fernandes - at least then the process will have some semblance of democracy.


This electon will turn the party into (even more of) a laughing stock. When I first heard about this I thought it was a great idea. I guess (naively) I thought it would attract big names from media and business, as well as a couple of Tory names. Unless there are loads of undeclared candidates out there......

A dirty, behind closed doors deal with the right candidate is what is required The problem with that is, having anounced this election, it will be obvious it is a dirty deal if it gets cancelled.

Just out of interest, who was the alternative to Steve Norris in 2004? There were two Tory candidates IIRC.

Matt Davis

Comstock the alternative to Steve Norris on the ballot paper in 2004 was the GLA member for Redbridge and Havering Roger Evans.


Thanks, Matt.

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