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Denis Cooper

I detest this concept of "zero tolerance".

The state should not behave like an unstable and unpredictable parent, swinging between over-indulging a child and beating him up. The answer to the excessive tolerance of wrong-doing which has done so much harm to our society is not this neo-fascistic "zero tolerance", it's a lower but reasonable level of tolerance.


Victoria and others who quote the New York style of policing with 'bobbies on the beat', etc, would do well to read Rudy Giuliani's book on 'Leadership'

Essentially, he says that he used to believe all of that stuff until he actually took on the mayoral role which point he realised that the best use of limited resources was a highly-mobile police force capable of rapid deployment to areas of live criminal activity.

At the last London Mayoral elections, I seem to recall that Ken Livingstone and every other candidate were quoting the New York success story though recruiting their transport 'hero' hasn't done a lot for London Underground.

Could we please have fewer cliches and more original ideas.


Good on Victoria for trying to get her message across. Its easy to snipe but where are the other candidates making their alternative views heard ?

Jennifer Wells

I enjoyed this video. It provided a good summary of Livingstone's failures and what Victoria Borwick would do for London.

Bromley Tory

At least there is one truly CONSERVATIVE candidate on the scene.

Henry Mayhew

Excellent job Victoria. Keep up the good work. As you know, I am available for protests/demos/canvassing whenever you want.

My only quibble is with your policy on the Congestion Charge. I quite like it now and think we should discourage driving into London. Personally, I ride my Brompton nearly everywhere and really enjoy it. Anyway, isn't Jamie building electric cars now that wouldn't pay the charge? How about a bit of family support!!

All the best.

James Deacon

Holy crap, that video is lame.

Gareth Carver

God this is awful. How old fashioned is she? Who on earth thought that such a horrible old format, with a naff set and plastic flowers would connect? Hardly webcameron is it? And the language? It is so 1980's. She is obvioulsy a nice lady,and is very geniune, but she doesn't cut it does she? Sack your advisors and save some money Victoria, because Ken will eat you alive.

Patricia Cleary

Oh my God! Where is Steve Norris?

Neil Wilson

Not being from London and only visiting the odd time, I can't understand the desire to have police on the tube.

I've always felt fairly safe down there, in central London at least.


Very good video. Victoria Borwick is the only prospective candidate who has a real chance of beating Livingstone. She is also a real Conservative. I like her ideas and I like the way she presents them. I will be voting for her.

Belinda Donovan

Victoria has been all round the London Boroughs, and we have listened to her in Hammersmith and she has some sensible ideas.

Fred Clifberg

This is a fantastic start and a great explanation of many polices that will enable Londoners to be motivated into voting for the Conservative party and this shows great evidence that Victoria Borwick can act and is brave enough to put down a list of what she will do for London. As NO one else has done this then we must support out best candidate. This may not be the most modern background but if she is organized to go this far then the least we can do is back her as a party.

Robert Freeman

A good video and good to see someone who is prepared to put forward some worthwhile policies. At last a Conservative candidate worth supporting with a capacity to go 'all the way'.

Nina from Sutton

At least Victoria has been visiting the Boroughs, unlike Ken, she doesn't ignore outer London. I know she has been to Sutton and Kingston and talked to the local councillors and associations.

Victoria's ideas maybe old fashioned but at least they make sense and we don't have to throw away ideas just because they're not new. It would be good to see what a difference it makes if we had someone run London who passionately cares about it.

James Frederick

"Victoria has been all round the London Boroughs, and we have listened to her in Hammersmith and she has some sensible ideas."

Here we go with the Tory Party's idiot tendency again... it takes a lot more than walking around the London boroughs to win this thing. Perhaps if we had more politically sophisticated members we would be in power by now in City Hall and Westminster instead of a few London boroughs.

Cllr Green

Good Lord, somebody call Grantham, because it appears as though she's channeling Thatcher. That said, if I lived in London instead of Anglia, I'd vote for her. And who doesn't love the way she says "fear"?

Edward Keene

This video seems to be a mixture of platitudes ("Come with me and I will give you your city back" - !!!) and criticism of Ken's (easily criticised) incumbency. Where is the policy? Where are the original ideas of how to make London better? It is laudable that Ms Bowick has made the effort to produce this item, but it just needs more content and substance. Maybe then she will move from being *a* candidate to *the* candidate.

James Hardman

No. We need a real candidate whose actually won something bigger than a local council seat in K&C in their lives. Someone who nows how to be Mayor, not just wants to be.


Hmm I liked the content, but not the dated presentation. Certainly more palatable to this working class man than Warwick Lightfoot. I don't know if that is because she is a woman or what.

Certainly the least worst so far, although 'best of a bad lot' may not be good enough. The LibDem list looks weak at first glance, so it may be a straight fight.

I wish Mo Mowlam or Tony Banks were still alive, they'd wipe the floor with allcomers- Ken included.

Jane Calver

A positive video portraying an enthusiastic, capable candidate with sound policies.


Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

If this is the best we've got ....

I despair sometimes I really do!

Sean Dobson

"A positive video portraying an enthusiastic, capable candidate with sound policies."

God save us from politically clueless members... and Mayoral primary candidates...

Alex Jameson

Scaring small children is one thing... but do we have someone who knows how to win this? It's nice that Victoria has the time and money to put together her own video, but it takes a lot more to win this thing.

Mark Crawford

This is a serious political job that requires a a serious political candidate.

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