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Justin Hinchcliffe

A K&C member, wanting a K&C candidate. I don't think so...

Paul Oakley

Warwick is a well known and well respected borough councillor. However, the Mayor is an expensive irrelevance. As such, I would recommend Dr Lee Rotherham as our candidate as he would abolish the post. Lee has at least consistently shown an interest in being the Tory candidate unlike the plethora of vaguely famous people who have been puffed for a few days before fading from the scene.

Francis Maude has killed them all

Alas poor Warwick - we know him well. Too well. A wonderful likeable chap . . . but no.

Walaa you are brave - and right - to point out that the national party has destroyed the existing candidates. But not just anyone. Francis Maude is to blame. His behaviour on this and just about everything else has been destructive to our unity and our campaigning strength. Quite frankly, he might as well be campaigning for the Labour Party.

We did have a very good candidate in Nick Boles, but Francis Maude's antics have holed his credibility below the waterline. Strange since they are both metrosexuals politically in bed together, but then loyalty was never Maude's greatest strength. What do we do now that Maude has destroyed Boles? I see little choice but:

(a) Find a new candidate not previously announced to take on the job who has credibility (a dwindling pool sadly) and

(b) Axe Francis Maude and get a Party Chairman with someone with judgement who can inspire excitement rather than near universal vitriol.


Walaa, whilst I agree that the party shouldn't be seduced into thinking a big name will win the Mayoralty for it, it doesn't follow that simply being good on paper makes you a good candidate either. We saw Warwick Lightfoot and Victoria Borwick on 18 Doughty Street being given a friendly interview by Iain Dale and they went to pieces. They would be obliterated by Livingstone - sad but true.

two pence worth

Strong, media-savvy, big campaigner needed, not an amiable but out-of-his-league eccentric

Dawn Parry

Hmmmm. While I agree with you Walaa, that our Party leadership being seduced by famous "big" names is undermining Conservatives' credibility, I cannot agree that Warwick Lightfoot is the man to represent us for the job. I don't know him, but I watched his, and Victoria Borwick's interviews with Iain Dale. Enough said....

The person who gets the job will be someone with bags of charisma, someone Londoners can relate to and someone the camera loves too! This last point may sound shallow, but today image is everything. It's also what has kept us for 10 years in the wilderness.

We can't afford (although very nice people), the appearance of bumbling, toffs fronting our Party anymore, it will be our deathnell.

Ken will walk it unless a shiny, sparkling, switched on individual with bucket-loads of magnetism can be found to oppose him.

By the way, is it a pre-requisite that those running for London Mayor can't pwonounce the letter R ? Check out Iain Dales interviews.

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