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This does not come as much of a surprise to anyone who has used the tube over the past ten years. (Obviously, the Zone 1 fare has only risen to £4 for those not using an Oyster card.)

Actually, it is so many of the comfort issues that need to be identified and corrected quickly without spending billions: leaks onto platforms, shouting and indolent staff, equipment out of service, poor information, and the ubiquitous filth and vermin. Those are the issues the mayoral candidate needs to get their teeth into. The mayor can do little about capacity and infrastructure - there is no new money and the decisions have mostly been taken or are out of the mayor's hands.

Jane Cartwright

Sounds like a job for Mr. Norris

Sally Roberts

Interestingly, from what I can see of the figures the District Line is one of the worst performers! This comes as absolutely no surprise to me, and things can only get worse!

TFA Tory

Is Chris Grayling still on holiday or does Teresa May want her old job back?


"delays have gotten worse" - I accept that the Editor wants to wants our party to be the Bush Republican Party, but must we adopt their language too?!


Sorry changetowin. That was a garbage phrase - I mean rubbish!

Oberon Houston

TLF state that they are "investing" £5bn on the tube. This is New Labour speak for wasting £5bn of hard working and honestly earned folks money. Ken Liv & New Labour are a sham.

Annesley Abercorn

It is absolutely right that the reliability of The Tube has got worse. I initially thought a few years back that it was my imagination but the figures now speak for themselves. I have been using the Tube regularly for the last 10 years and the figures reflect my own experiences. I think that the way in which the PPP was implemented is partly the cause of a generally poorer service and with fare increases (with or without Oyster), this is completely unacceptable.

Matt Davis

Yes but ask the average London voter (perhaps not a Northern line user) and they will tell you that "Ken has done wonders with the Tube". We have a mountain to climb in piercing the electorate's perception of Livingstone's piss poor performance and getting the facts and the truth about their dreadful Mayor through to them. All that taxpayer funded personality cult propaganda will be hard to overcome, especially if we leave it much longer to start.


It's fine Editor!!! We're all in this together! ;-)

Michael Wall

A significant part of the problem isn’t related to capital investment it’s down to poor operational management. London Underground’s capability to schedule a service is appalling considering it doesn’t publish a schedule. Simple lines like the Victoria Line, essentially operating between two points are reasonably managed, but multiple branch lines display scheduling bordering on the inept.

Try picking up southbound Northern Line trains from Camden during the evening peak, there will be spells where five or six in a row will be diverted down one branch (typically Charring Cross) whilst the other is ignored, virtually empty trains sail down one whilst overcrowding and delays build on the other. Controllers should be aware of this before it even happens! This morning saw overcrowding at Victoria due to delays on the northbound Victoria Line, but southbound services seemed to be largely unaffected. A controller with even a tiny amount of intelligence might have terminated a couple of southbound services, reversed them on to the northbound line (it can be done), thus plugging the gap in the services, relieving overcrowding and pre-empting later disruption to the southbound service. Did this happen? Of course not!


Purely for the benefit of Changetowin..... 'gotten' isn't an americanism, it's actually correct Early Modern English. We still say 'Ill-gotten gains' to this day

Of course I knew that, and haven't just stumbled across it on Wikipedia-honest!!

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