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I hope Fawthrop did better than that slow-motion-car-crash of an interview on Doughty Street.


"has spanned the length of London"

Hm, Romford to Bromley - strange idea of spanning London. I should think that if there are no notable new entrants, Nick Boles and Warwick Lightfoot are likely to emerge as the front runners. Interesting that Boles declined to go to Romford - hope he didn't think it would be too rough for him!


No candidates. No chance.


Just a brief email to record that we had a number of London members join our efforts in one of the target seats in the wilds of Surrey. Victoria Borwick demonstrated an impressive willingness to knock on doors, for an entire Saturday morning, canvassing in a hostile area she was unfamilaiar with.


As the organiser of one of the events, I was very pleased with the support that Havering Conservative Future was given by the nominees, by many members from the Hornchurch & Upminster Association who attended and the people from Walthamstow and Ealing who made the journey over to us.

Londoner, with regards to Nick Boles "declining", Nick was all set up to attend but was unfortunately involved in an accident that day and due to the unforseen circumstances was unable to attend. Thankfully, I believe no major injuries!

I would like to send my thanks to all the Nominees who got in touch to support our event and to everyone who attended and took the time out to travel to Zone 6 and visit us in Havering.

Havering Conservative Future will be hosting another event once the short list is announced by CCHQ and look forward to seeing you there.

Cllr Nicholas Bennett

It was a Beckenham Conservative Association supper club and not a 'Bromley hustings' as only a selection of candidates were invited.


Thank you for the clarification Nicholas.


I agree with surreyresident. I have canvassed with Victoria Borwick. She is always hard working and very effective.

Carl Cameron

"I agree with surreyresident. I have canvassed with Victoria Borwick. She is always hard working and very effective."

Obviously qualified to be Mayor, then.

What a load of rubbish. Why on earth was she in SURREY rather than LONDON anyway?


Probably because Surrey has local elections this year and London doesn't, Carl. Anyone active in the party in London would know that members here are asked to go and help surrounding areas. Whilst I would like Victoria to answer on the Kensington & Chelsea Councillors allowances scandal - they have gone from claiming virtually nothing 20 years ago to being one of the top claimers in the country (see item on 30 April), it is not fair to criticise her for heeding the call for mutual aid.

Carl Cameron


Perhaps the point I failed to get across was, er, doin' a bit of canvassing isn't really anything to do with being either a good candidate for Mayor, or a good Mayor.

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