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Looks like it will have to be Cameron as Conservative candidate for Mayor of London. Will he resign as Leader first?

One of the Team

How about Tony Blair? He will be looking for a new job, and the mere fact that he will be an ex-Labour PM should not deter David Cameron.


Two extremely valuable posts there, glad to see there are always those willing to share a thoughtful, mature viewpoint on these discussion boards.

Seriously though, am I the only person starting to find these poor attempts at witty quips slightly irritating? They're basically the same "joke" every time.

Its a shame to see we're having so much trouble finding a decent candidate- John Major would've been brilliant.

Christopher Taylor

Where is Steve Norris?

John Dowson

Well said MrB.
'Will he resign as leader first', 'the mere fact that he will be an ex-Labour PM should not deter David Cameron'... ho ho ho, very funny indeed. It is getting a little tiresome.
I'm all for holding David Cameron to account when he messes up, but this constant sniping, these mocking comments, aren't doing anyone any good (apart from our political opponents).

It was never feasible that Major would run for Mayor was it? Isn't the party meant to be moving on from the '92-'97 era? In which case putting up the former Prime Minister of that time as our candidate for Mayor of London isn't the best of tactical moves.


Major for Mayor? Isn't peculiar how the Tories wish to reinforce failure: I thought that the emergence of the Tories as the "nasty Party" began under Major's watch. I seldom take any notice of what Parris thinks (no more than his political twin, Portillo).
Major for Mayor? It has a ring to it - like the sound of the Lutine Bell when a ship went down


Portillo should stand

C List and Proud

I think Boles' website is a bit presumptious.

The banner headline states "Conservative Party Candidate for Mayor of London".

Has DC flipped from Dyke and flopped from Major only to land us with Boles without the pesky problem of a vote?

I think we should be told.


What too many people fail to grasp is that it is not the specific political views of a candidate that matter in the mayoral election. What matters is that the public see the mayor as a good leader. Until the Conservatives grasp that "exposing" Ken's political views is not the way to remove him then they will get nowhere. By and large Londoners knows Ken's political views, by and large they disagree with him, but they respect him and they will vote for him as a result. And it is only a candidate of equal stature who will beat him.

Of course the Conservatives should want as their candidate someone who holds broadly Conservative views (that goes without saying - unless the ONLY aim is to get someone other than Ken) but ruling out any seriously viable candidates because they are "too-pro European", "too liberal (is that possible in London") and generally not sound will result inevitably in a pygmy candidate who does not see winning the mayoral election as a climax to a political career, but rather sees losing it as a step on the ladder for his/her future career.

Steve Norris is about the weakest in stature genuinely viable candidate that the Conservatives could have, and that shows how poor the rest of the field is.

Simon Henderson

Steve Norris is in a different league to the likes of Borwick, Boles and Lightfoot.

One of the Team

I was just trying to be helpful, MrB, and John Dowson. The Conservatives are floundering in their search for a mayoral candidate. Dave Cameron seems to be approaching everyone he can think of, whether they are Conservatives or not. You must be upset he hasn't asked you yet. Is that why you are so uptight?


John Major's political future is behind him

It was circa 1993, unfortunately he wasn't prepared to admit this and therefore took the whole Conservative Party down with him.


Reminds me of that other Majorism: "When our backs are against the wall, we turn around and fight"

I think he'd be an excellent choice, by the way.

Dave J

The most serious negative repercussion of this would have been getting Bill Clinton to start thinking about running for mayor of NYC. Not that that still couldn't happen. [shudder]

Tom Harrop

I'm hoping the Conservatives will scrap the Mayor of London office altogether - that's if they ever came to power. I think a few other political 'invented' posts need to go as well. Give the money back to the taxpayer. Still thank god it's not going to be John Major and his whelk stall acumen.

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