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Matt Harris

Come off it.

If these two are the best we can do then the Cameron project has failed this election, and failed Londoners.

Tom Greeves

Warwick is fun. We may as well pick him. We are exceedingly unlikely to win the London Mayoralty.

Given that Londoners don't seem to object to the appalling company Ken Livingstone keeps - and that everyone calls him - 'Ken', it's obvious that Livingstone has built up such a powerful brand that he is almost unbeatable.


Oh dear. They're nice people, but they would be destroyed by Ken - both far too lightweight. Victoria seemed to be outfoxed by Iain's questions, and Warwick was just floundering generally.

Let's get someone who's at least a bit media savvy.

Oh my God

Hey, moronic Maude, wake up, this is an election (remember those?), and also serious. DO NOT GO FORWARD WITH THIS as a "choice" "among" Borwick, Boles, Lighweight, Lurling Champange--need I go on???

Andrew Fraser

These two do not even have the good sense to know that they would be terrible candidates, never mind having the judgement to be this city's Mayors. Perhaps Cameron or Maude can politely inform them of this.

come off it

The look on Iain's face and the tone of his voice says it all.

They can't even get fellow party members to take them seriously in this.

not Borwick, Boles, Boff, Lightfoot, Lurlin Champange....

The most hilarious version is playing both of the video clips at the same time....

Felicity Hendrix

Four more years of Ken. Guaranteed. Groan.

Mike Turvey

Wow Victoria Borwick is terrible! It is as if the only preparation she has done for being mayor of London is to read the front page of the Standard...

Warwick Lightfoot seems a very nice chap... but very much of the elite class - I don't think harping on about the arts or wining and dining on mayoral visits will win over a broad range of Londoners.

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