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Norris supporter

Steve Norris or we'll lose.


A hustings event has been organised by Havering Conservative Future for tomorrow, 20 April, 7:00pm for 7:30pm at St Michael's Hall, Main Road, Romford, RM2.

Roger Evans AM is Chairing the event.

The event is free to attend. For further details re the event and for a list of the Nominees attending please go to www.haverincf.blogspot.com.


Apologies, typo in the blogspot address in the comment above. It should be www.haveringcf.blogspot.com

Thomas Atkins

Seriously . . . Best man for the job is Lord Ramsbotham. He is intelligent, articulate, thinks on his feet, sees matters to a successful conclusion, is highly respected, has wide experience in a variety of important social fields both domestically and abroad, understands ceremonials and tradition, is a man of the utmost integrity and always appears well groomed. When interviewed he comes across as competent.Finally, his old Regiment was a London Regiment full of cockneys. He is far superior to Disc Jockeys, bus conductors, half-baked politicians,and other whingeing, whining, puffing, snivelling scruffy wretches like Greg Dyke looking to get their noses in the trough and an official armoured Mercedes. And he'd certainly get Commissioner Blair marching in quick time.


We have had a proper Lord Mayor of London since 1189 and the best thing real Conservatives can to is to ignore this ludicrous unnecessary Blairite invention, boycott the elections, and abolish the wretched post as soon as we get back into power, thereby saving the longsuffering London taxpayer a large amount of money.

Wayne Bridges

What about Carol Thatcher for Mayor?

been there

"What about Carol Thatcher for Mayor?"

Francis Maude, who is an idiot, tried that.

No campaign or managerial qualifications whatsoever, but this is CCHQ so who cares?

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