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Justin Hinchcliffe

I'll be seeing him tomorrow evening, so I'll have a go at him.

Matt Davis

The sooner we select a credible charismatic Mayoral camdidate the sooner that person can take a strong lead in showing Livingstone up for the hypocritical two faced slime that he is.

Give him hell tomorrow Justin!


The human rights abuses of Pinochet didn't seem to trouble any of those Tory politicians who protested at his arrest.

Nor did they bother Baroness Thatcher who expressed her dismay at his arrest and took time to have tea with him.

Oddly human rights abuses seem to trouble all those Tory MPs who have expressed dismay at the investigation into Saudi arms deals and their jubilation at the decision to end the investigation.

And let us not forget the disregard shown for human rights by the Tory government when they were selling arms to Iraq.

Presumably these are all reasons not to vote Tory?


A press release from Red Ken today:

"Mayor of London urges new Mayor of Riga to press on with Gay Pride march

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, today welcomed the statement of the new Mayor of Riga saying he was 'ashamed' of the attack on the Gay Pride march in that city last year and urged him to ensure that the peaceful Gay Pride march in the city this year could proceed:

Mr Livingstone said:

'I am greatly heartened by the statement of the newly elected Mayor of Riga, Janis Birks, that he was "ashamed" of the attack on the Gay Pride demonstration last year in Riga in which throwing of excrement and other attacks took place on the demonstrators.

'The Mayor has said that "The march needs to be safe from both sides. If security can be provided I do not see why they cannot march. But the question is where. Is society ready to see such a march in the city centre."

Good to see my taxes are paying for Ken to tackle the issue which troubles me the moment I rise every morning in South West London - gay rights in Latvia.

Roger Evans

Justin and Matt, the public meeting with Livingstone in Tottenham is on Wednesday night, not Tuesday. I've posted the link on my blog.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Yes, true, Roger. Had the dates mixed up!

If Livingstone thinks he can have an 'easy ride' in Tottenham, he's hoplessly wrong.

Matt Davis

Thanks Roger, unfortunately Wednesday is my ward AGM so I won't be able to go and abuse Livingstone myself, more's the pity.

Matt Davis

Martin, you've obviously taken a wrong turn somewhere and are lost. Would you like to borrow an A to Z to find your way back to Labour la la land?

Wayne Bridges

Just thought I would let you know that Richard Barnes has been re-selected as the candidate for the next GLA elections for Ealing and Hillingdon.

out of those 60 people present all 60 voted in favour of him being re-adopted.


Richard Barnes for mayor, any thoughts anyone?

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