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Paul Kennedy

Sounds like a clear cut case to me of as Lee describes it "propaganda on the rates". A disgraceful state of affairs, of course the problem is for London that there are now so many vested interests reliant on keeping Mr Livingstone as the Mayor, he will be difficult to remove......for the moment. I heard one of them yesterday giving an interview about the benefits and success of the congestion charge, benefits and success for whom I have to ask.......what further "amused" me was that she was referred to as "Doctor", what was her doctorate in, congestion charging, because if it wasn't it was a rather pointless title to use, and given her interview, merely emphasised the decline in academic standards.

Neil Reddin

Good luck Lee.

The District Auditor might be worth a go also.


Why all the fuss? Ken is almost 100% bulletproof. Everybody in London (and elsewhere) know that he spends tens of millions of our money on personal hype and PR and stupid gestures and St Paddys Day parades, while thumbing his nose at his pet hates. There will be a £25 charge for decent cars, it beggars belief, it is ridiculous, short sighted, unfair, undemocratic and blatantly stupid.


We need to find someone who can attack Ken in a different way.

Wish I knew what it was but I feel sure that any credible candidate CANNOT be a career politician (or an ex DJ for that matter). It needs a special "ordinary" guy (or girl) to outbloke Ken on a level that the voters relate to and understand.

Clear as mud, excellent.

Denis Cooper

Well done, Lee, but I doubt that either the ASA or the District Auditor will do much about it. Getting it publicly exposed in the Evening Standard would have more effect, especially if the report included comments from Soviet dissident.


Ken's been mayor for 7 years and he's only just discovered "The Londoner"?

David Boothroyd

The most unintentionally hilarious piece of writing I have seen this year! Keep it up!

Tim Roll-Pickering

I never get the Londoner through my letterbox. Where do I go to complain? ;-)

Simon Fawthrop

I look forward to Neil signing up to my web site.

Though he needs to recognise that even in this media driven age it is possible to win on policy. My Communities First Agenda offers that simple view to connect with ordinary people. That is why so many ordinary people have already signed up to my web site.

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