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"Joe Loconte wants to show a dinner party of Livingstone's dubious friends - damned by association."

Sounds the best concept. But the "voting" on the Doughty Street website looks like a thinly disguised attempt to collect email addresses?


I prefer the Roger Evans idea.Still can't login to Doughty Street

John Moss

What Roger Evans doesn't get, is that a lot of Livingstones supporters don't pay Council Tax or drive into central London so don't pay Congestion Charges.

I doubt we can capture a huge number of these voters with this campaign and conversely, I doubt a lot of outer London middle class households really get the point of complaiing about an extra £100 a year from Livingstone when local Council tax has gone up by 3, 4, or even 500 pounds.

I think we have many better lines to take against Livingstone, not least the idea that outer London is only any good as a dormitory for central London wage slaves who will be forced into banlieu style high-rise estates clustered round a few grotty shops and a tube station.

We need suburban regeneration with strong town centres in the outer regions to reduce commuting and give more local opportunities for jobs and homes to Londoners.

Roger Evans

Actually, everyone in London pays the cost of Livingstone, because trickle down works for debts as well as credits. The small trader forced to pay congestion charge puts it on the bill for his customer (sometimes he itemises it), the higher tube and bus fares paid by nurses and teachers are factored into pay increases and charged to taxpayers, the higher council tax raises the cost of living in London and prices the low paid off the property ladder. We don't all see the bill for Livingstone's excesses, but we all pay it.

A lot of people predict a recession in the coming year, with a house price collapse and interest rates spiralling. The day to day cost of living has risen hugely and voters are having to cut their cloth according to their means. That's why I think they would be willing to vote for a Mayor who would do the same.

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