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Richard Allen

A lack of opinion polls does not cause an accountbility problem and probably aids long term thinking as opposed to headline grabbing stunts.

An election is all the accountability that is needed.


How much longer is this website going to continue with this drivel? Since when is it the job of leaders to "defend an opinion poll lead"? Wasn't this one of the main Conservative critiques of the early Blair years?

Anyway, whether or not there are published polls, you can bet that he conducts his own private polls on a regular basis, so is hardly operating in a poll vacuum.

As for the finding on the Congestion charge being "interesting" - hardly, it's a polarising issue that arouses strong emotions, and is also his flagship policy. What's so interesting in that?

Livingstone is a political giant in London, and unless he makes a serious error, DIRECTLY linked to his job (so stuff about Cuba, Venezuala etc is irrelevant) or is exposed as corrupt, the Tories have no chance of beating him until a serious political player is prepared to put their reputation on the line against him.

The sort of pygmy politics that this website is encouraging is hardly likely to have an impact.

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