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About the making money thing. I believe Ken is stuck between a rock and a hard place on that one. If the C-charge makes loads of money, he'll be accused of being greedy like a typical Labourite. If it doesn't, it's denigrated as a waste of money.

Ultimately, the concept of the C-charge is itself endorsed by the Adam Smith Institute (I suggest anyone against it tell Ken that and he'll repeal it faster than he can hug a dictator).

If road pricing does come in, then of course it can be scrapped because the cost of congestion should be included in the price.

I think that road pricing could work if authority was put in the hands of the local councils or further down. First of all, it would mitigate the Big Brother aspect because it wouldn't be central government knowing all your movements (and there should be a clause in the act declaring that central government has no jurisdiction to ask for road pricing data from the local councils).

It would also create a better market. If central government sets all the prices, then they'll, at best, bugger it up, and at worst, use it maliciously.

Arthurian Legend

What other charging schemes does Angie prefer? Not the EU's Galileo-based one, surely?

I recall e-mailing her last year about her somewhat half-baked opposition to the droit de suite tax on London's art market. She thought that it could prevented (it can't - it's an EU tax), or that New York could be induced to levy the same market- and job-destroying tax: it wouldn't.

Any answers?


No CCHQ comment? CCHQ failed to attack Richmond Council's increased parking permit charges on 4X4s.

It seems that we can no longer rely on the Conservative Party to stand up for the motorist.

What next? Chris Grayling announces that the Conservatives will increase the number of speed cameras?

Peter Coe

So to clarify, has Angie Bray just signed the Conservatives up to being in favour of the Congestion Charge (albeit a different version of such)?

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