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Well, some references to Castro's labour camps and persecution of homosexuals (that will really make so-called liberals squirm) wouldn't go amiss.


If you are going to include Hugo Chavez then references to tolerance of freedom of speech are a must. Remember Rafael Ramirez saying to unionised oil workers they should back the revolution: "Of course PDVSA is revolutionary. [Its] workers are with this revolution, and those who aren't should go somewhere else. Go to Miami." Chavez said Ramirez should make the speech 100 times a day.

John Moss

There are 12 BNP Councillors in Barking & Dagenham because of Livingstone's London Plan.

And don't call him "Ken" - far too cuddly.


New hospitals/homes/offices being built with inadequate parking space, the local councils are blamed, but it's Livingstone's Laws.

Oliver McCarthy

All I know is that since this man has been "mayor" of London, prices on London transport have doubled and London has become a more violent and dangerous place.

Only about 13% of Londoners voted for him anyway. I forget the exact figure, but I think it might be a good idea to bandy the real one around. It'll rob Mr Livingstone of some of his perceived "democratic legitimacy".


Wouldn't it be nice if the Conservatives campaigned 'for' something.

This sort of nonsense doesn't even attack Ken's policies or record as Mayor of London--it simply tries to discredit him based on his supposed association with people who have no role in UK politics.

Much better to hear how the Conservative candidate proposes to perform the role of Mayor more-effectively.

Ooops!--I nearly forgot that there isn't a Conservative Mayoral candidate and there aren't any alternative policies.

Discrediting Ken doesn't do anything positive for London.

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