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From what little I've seen of Mike Read, he is barmy.

We should be trying to persuade Jeff Randall to stand.

Justin Hinchcliffe

This is becoming a joke. Who next? Jimmy Savile?

Martin Hoscik

Oh my god. It gets worse!

Matt Davis

It's not often that I agree with Justin but I certainly do on this, we are making ourselves a laughing stock with this flailing around in the dark for a candidate capable of beating Livingstone.I do accept that finding the right person is not easy and that winning or losing is entirely down to the choice of candidate since the incumbent has this totally bizarre massive cross party personal vote.However we're going to need to do better than retired DJs with little remaining public profile or unknown party hacks if we are even to maintain any credibility in this contest.


Agreed. This is rubbish.

Nicholas Bennett

How about Alan 'Fluff' Freeman? The dead are a 'community' we haven't reached out to as yet. There are a lot of Tories among them.


Didn't Read famously ban the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song 'Relax' when he was at Radio 1 in the 80s?

Will hardly entice the pink vote in London!


No, Alan Freeman.


Justin, the obvious answer to your question is Kenny Everitt.

I always thought his policy at the 1983 election of bombing Russia and kicking Michael Foot's stick away had much to commend it. He has the further advantage of now being dead, so he would be the sort of non-interventionist Mayor that we could all admire.


Jimmy Saville might be able to pick up the votes of everyone who was a child in the 70s or early 80s. We could do worse . . .(well perhaps)


Mike Read was never hip.

When he was on Radio one the clown never played the most fashionable music of the time(punk rock).

Now he writes musicals that lose millions.


Jesus H Christ, give me strength.

matt wright

Oh dear no.

Seriously the only person who can beat Livingstone is Boris.



I think we could have guessed that Mike Read wasn't hip as Iain Dale was apparently a fan.

Actually Boris really IS a good idea. We must find out his email address and start bombarding him with demands to stand. I suppose someone else must have thought of it before Matt but I hadn't heard it mentioned. The only problem is that he probably has more serious ambitions but if we can convince him that he can stay MP for Henley during the campaign and that he'll have no chance of winning...we can then get him elected despite his own best efforts. I even see the possibility of a fashionable youth wing of the campaign - "Ironics for Boris" or something of the sort.

Alison Anne Smith

John Major would be great for London Mayor.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Andrew Neil would be good!

london tory

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Graeme Archer

I had thought that it was Mike Reid who was proposing himself. You know, the other Mike Reid, once of Eastenders but surely forever famous for shouting "Runaround NOW" to a particular generation of British schoolchildren (see the "switch" problem on Your Platform recently for details :)).

The pro-Read faction were encouraged by the following, possibly apocryphal article, in today's Comment section of "Another Free London Newspaper Making A Mess On The Tube":

I can't see what the problem is with either Mr Read or Mr Reid - or perhaps both? - running for Tory mayor of London. Certainly in my mind there is no question that either - or both? - would heavily defeat Red Ken Livingstone, I presume, in the polls.

It's often forgotten by the young turks of today's Tory party that many of their strongest electoral successes were delivered by politicians who originated in the world of light entertainment. I still remember Harold Macmillian breaking into "Can You Hear The Love Tonight?" at the famous Tory conference, in Norwich, in 1922, an act which was widely held by most commentators to have been the first signal that he intended, 3-4 decades hence, to succeed Sir Anthony Eden, who was widely derided for his inability to dance the samba while canvassing in the famous "My Parrot Or My Country" Oxford Union debate of 1923.

This was a lesson not lost on one young undergraduate - one Edward Heath - who spent the next 15 years mastering the art of sashaying across a crowded conference floor with a red rose in his teeth, humming a selection of popular medleys - a skill which delivered such long-lasting electoral success.

Lord Mees-Rugg

I for one am in agreement with Lord Mees-Rugg: surely the campaign to select our candidate can't get any better than this? Come on now guys: Relax, don't do it, when you want ...

Chris Heathcote

It's been known for years when exactly when the next Mayoral Election would be so why are we scrambling around now? More to the point, why have none of the Conservatives on the GLA or in the Boroughs been raising their profile, showing Livingstone up?


Mike Reid, spent his life pretending to be Cliff Richard, now he wants to pretend to be London Mayor. As for Boris, find standing on a platform of family values a bit difficult, can see the interviews with Petronella Wyatt now. If S*****r Norris couldn't live down his sexual past, Boris certainly couldn't. C'mon Conservative Party, there must be someone out there, who can give Ken a run for his money: please try!

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