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michael mcgough

It is remarkable that Bob Neil can score 6/10 for his Assembly work whilst also an MP.Either he is superhuman or he does not commit fully to one of these tasks.Talented small men often punch above their height perhaps he is better than his peers.

Justin Hinchcliffe

I have nothing but praise for Geoff Pope (Lib Dem) as he helped with a constituency matter, whereas the Conservative member for Transport didn't even respond to my emails. Darren Johnson (Green) is also an effective and decent man. Apart from Cross, my Labour GLA member, Joanne McCartney, is probably the most hapless and invisible person ever to have graced a constituency - ever! I know it's Christmas, but I think the majority of Conservative LAMs are not fit for purpose. Sorry.

Roger Evans

An interesting analysis, based on close observation. The high scores for the Greens reflect their ability to influence Livingstone's decisions, because he needs them to get his budget approved. 'One London', ex UKIP, have been a disappointment and I would have given Hockney a lower score as he is often absent. Labour members Jennette Arnold and Val Shawcross should score higher, in my view, but Murad Qureshi has been over rated at 4.

My Conservative colleagues should all get 9s, naturally.

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