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"admitting he told one prospective candidate he wouldn’t publicly back him because"

Well, we know it's a he then...

Roger Evans

Not sure about the value of these ratings - beyond the obvious free publicity and profile raising. Heart 106.2 publicised a survey of the most powerful people in Britain recently. Top of the list was Kate Moss....

Like the comments on the Hammersmith & City Line, but he'll need to do better to beat Assembly Deputy Chairman and Lib Dem peer, Baroness Hamwee, who used the District Line some years ago as part of a survey we did on the Tube. The Noble Baroness wrote a shocked report afterwards, concluding "I was surprised how dirty your hands and face get when using public transport."


So at least it isn't Toynbee.


Things must be desperate if we are using Time Out as a reliable guide to performance. I would prefer just the smallest amount of substance, or failing that a candidate for London Mayor

Annabel Herriott

JORGEN!!!! I repeat. GREG CLARK did the bit about Toynbee!!! Have you understood that NOW?????

Martin Hoscik

I hate to rain on the parade but Cameron really isn't setting the agenda in London.

It makes for some nice puff PR but it isn't true, most Londoners wouldn't have a clue who he is and on the green issue he's a Johnny-come-lately joining a discussion the other parties have been having for decades.

James Cleverly


Perhaps you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months if you genuinely believe that "most Londoners wouldn't have a clue who he is".

Roger Evans

Just read the full list and Kate Moss is in there, at number 44 I think. So is Heather Mills-McCartney. Plenty of other arty/celeb types and a disproportionate number of cycling campaigners, reflecting Time Out's own obsessions.

Sir Ian Blair, Police Commissioner, isn't in there (although Brian Paddick is). Peter Hendy, Transport Commissioner, is quite high up, listed as a 'villain' for scrapping Routemasters.

No sign of my name - oh well, there's always next year...

Martin Hoscik

James, do you really think the average Londoner would be able to name David Cameron, Sir Ming or half the cabinet if shown a picture of them?

No doubt what you're alluding to are the opinion polls? The problem I have with there is they aren't always very accurate.

If they were the LibDems would never have won the Dunfermline by-election and the extensive polling Hague did which told him 'save the pound' was a real vote winner would have won him a shed load of seats and saved him his job.

Your mileage may vary...

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