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Roger Evans

Well, I've got some sympathy with this, but Londoners deserve more from our candidate, not least because nobody else is going to rid us of Ken. This approach would be tantamount to admitting defeat before we start.

What we actually need is a candidate who will inspire voters to back us by explaining how they will use the office of Mayor to improve life for Londoners. In my view this should include measures to cut waste and taxes - not hard given Livingstone's record.

We are not UKIP and our candidate should stand on a manifesto, not a slogan.


Sorry Roger but standing on an abolititionist platform is fantastic and would get my vote if I were in the area. We should be all for small government and power to individuals.

I would love to be part of the Party which abolished the GLC *twice*.


I only spelt abolititionist that way because I was hoping my fellow Scrabble players wouldn't notice.


Regardless of whether you support Lee, it's good to see that we have some candidates capable of creative and intellectual thinking and original policymaking. With an superb intellectual background and military experience I think he is more than qualified for the job.


We are not UKIP and our candidate should stand on a manifesto, not a slogan.

How very noble, how very statesmanlike, how very pious.
The duty of an opposition is to oppose - Disraeli (a successful statesman)
If you play the game with Ken, you lose.

Martin Hoscik


As I've said before I'd be interested to see what happened if Lee won the nomination - my hunch is he'd come a distant third but whatever happens it would certainly be interesting to watch.

Roger Evans

Jonathan - I'm not trying to be noble, statesmanlike or pious - just realistic.

I want to see Ken thrown out by the voters, rather than making him into a martyr yet again (both parties have tried this and it's like putting out a fire with petrol). He cried when we abolished the GLC, just imagine how he'll cry when the voters sack him.

Livingstone would love to spend the election discussing abolition rather than his own dodgy record, so lets attack where the defence is weak, and lets fight the 2008 campaign, not the 1983 one.

london tory

Of course he would come a distant third.

As usual, a surplus of comments from the party's Neanderthal tendency who wouldn't know how to win election if the other candidates got up and walked away from one.

It's revealing that of the two rational comments, only one of them is from an individual affiliated with the party.

This isn't an election for oddballs, ideologues and the congentially unelectable--or for people who can't come to terms with (a) the fact that we have been opposition for the past NINE years or (b) the results of the London-wide referendum on the Mayor (results which have been reflected in opinion poll after opinion poll over the last TWENTY years since the GLC's abolition).

Mandarin Orange

Personally, I'd like to see Roger stand himself ...

Off Message

I've just visited the other candidates' websites.

Warwick Lightfoot's videos are scary. His head bobs violently while he looks away from the camera and talks like some demented professor.

Victoria Borwick comes over as more normal but as pretty uninspiring.

James Cleverly's link seems to be broken.

All in all Ken looks safe for now.

london party worker

This is a big job that requires a big person with a big personality and serious big budget executive experience. It's a bit like if we senior cabinet ministers by open election. Someone who has been a government minister or had a serious public sector job or CEO who has held executive responsibility of a corporation with government department size budgets and who has the requisite personality is required.

Bowles, Borwick, Lightfoot, Boff etc would not be entertained to be Home Secretary or Chancellor if the voters had a say in it. Whatever people think of their views, they could see a Livingstone or a Norris or some other tough populist in those roles.

The Republicans in New York City chose a tough and successful federal attorney and prosecutor who took on organized crime followed by the CEO of a Fortune 500 company the candidate built up from scratch. People bored with their minor salaried positions or stay-at-home life were not encouraged to apply. Whatever we do now, the declared candidates--who will never be taken seriously as competition for Livingstone by the media--will be seen as not having been good enough for David Cameron who extended the deadline to find the sort of big personality described above.

We should think again and reschedule our primary around a candidate who fits the bill. This ridiculous timetable only interests the terminally unelectable.

Roger Evans

Well, thank you Mandarin. The vote of confidence is appreciated.

You probably recall that I had a crack at this four years ago and came second to Steve. I think I got 23% of the votes in the final and Steve got 77%. I did well in my own corner of NE London but I just wasn't known enough to get the votes of the wider London membership. Despite some profile raising since last time, I don't think I would do much better if I tried again.

Instead I'm joining the ranks of 'Bloggers Against Ken' and offering advice to any would be candidates who drop by...

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