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David Strauss

Top stuff from Roger who I know has been at the forefront in London of publicly scrutinising Red Ken.

Good to see the Conservatives are continually on his case and also making sure his antics are more widely publicised.

Our GLA group are far too often overlooked so hopefully this will raise their profile inside and outside of the party.

Kristian Shanks

I wish whoever the Tory candidate ends up being all the best in the Mayoral Election. Livingstone is a vile human being, a cynical, vote-grabbing unreconstructed socialist who talks about equality for all people yet hangs around with Muslim clerics who preach hatred of homosexuals and women, and he should be an embarassment to all reasonable Londoners. It is vital that this preposterous figure is booted, and I hope CCHQ puts their all into bringing that end about.

Roger Evans

Tim, thankyou for the plug and thanks also to the people who posted suggestions. I'm going to do some work on improving the look of the page - at the moment it is a triumph of content over style.

David - you are clearly very perceptive and I hope everyone agrees with you.

Kristian - hear hear to that. I find it hard to understand how the liberal left find common cause with extreme Islam. Probably something to do with virtuous self hatred.


'Probably something to do with virtuous self hatred.'

This is exactly right, it is the only thing that could possibly link Al Quradawi, Chavez and Mao(!!) together.

For a genuine Londoner, Livingstone keeps strange company. Are oppression of women and homosexuals, shameless and self-serving populism and the systematic destruction of an entire culture, activities with which Londoners empathise? I think not.

Kristian Shanks

The fact that the Tories haven't been able to beat this guy in two attempts indicates what a feeble job CCHQ is doing, frankly. I understand Cameron wants to engage in consensual politics, and thats fine. Lets be honest, there are some areas where Tories agree with Tony Blair, for example. However, Ken Livingstone hates us. He hates us. He hates people who disagree with his world view. He hates everything that we as Tories believe in. And yet, where is the relentess Tory attack on his record, on who his friends are, on his policies, and, ultimately, on his belief system. Where is the robust defence of our beliefs when he attacks them vigorously, as he does all the time? He calls us racists, we say nothing. He says we hate poor people, we say nothing. He calls us imperialistic warmongers, we say nothing. It is embarassing that in area where Tories are supposed to be in the ascendancy, in an area where we have more councils under our control, and, hopefully, more MPs after the next election, that a socialist, high taxing, intolerant, class warrior is its elected leader. The Office of Mayor of London as the biggest electorate for any one position in the country. And yet this man has won twice, and is popular. What the hell are the Tories doing? Where are the high profile, serious Tories ready to take him on? We're just standing idly by while he turns London into a socialists paradise, frankly. It's embarassing, and it drives me absolutely crazy.

National politics is increasingly becoming a question of who is more competent. The battle of ideas is non-existant, principally because senior politicians in both parties have come to a consensus on the big issues that people like Thatcher and the 1980s Tories on one side, and Foot, Scargill, Red Ken and Derek Hatton were fighting about 20 years ago. However, we cannot be consensual with this man. We have to relentlessly attack everything about him. Every Tory, whether they are a Cameroon, a Thatcherite, a wet, a dry, whatever, should be united by our opposition to Livingstone and his policies, in the same way that Labour and the Left were united as one in their opposition to Thatcher.

london tory

Unfortunately, Kristian demonstrates much of the mindset that has helped prevent us from winning the London Mayoralty, and other elections during this long opposition.

"where is the relentess Tory attack on his record, on who his friends are, on his policies, and, ultimately, on his belief system." This is not how he beat us and is not how we will beat him.

He hasn't "turn[ed] London into a socialists['] paradise"--that is obvious. In fact, the Mayor's powers don't allow him to, nor would he still be the Mayor now if they did.

This sort of outdated rhetoric about "Red Ken" doesn't resonate because it is too distant from what is really going on.

Sadly, the Tories got on the wrong side of the debate about whether London should have its own government, as Livingstone's successful Say No To No Say campaign and, indeed, Blair's referendum in 1998 showed.

If the Tories want to win, they have to ditch the 1980s soundbites and nostalgia and (a) persuade a majority of voters in that election that this is a serious job with serious powers that could be used to improve the reality of crime and congestion on tube, bus and road and (b) that it is OK to vote for a Conservative to do this.

"We have to relentlessly attack everything about him" This advice is just a blind alley I'm afraid, and actually helps the Mayor keep the debate confined to small, less important questions like whether or not the US Ambassador pays the congestion charge at the expense of the big one: why hasn't he cut crime and congestion?

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